Don’t Make Desiree Rogers Angry. You Wouldn’t Like Her When She’s Angry.

Remember that story about Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff Jackie Norris leaving the White House to embark on a career elsewhere in the Obama Administration? Well, seems Desiree Rogers might have given Jackie a little “assist” out the door.

From HeraldNet via Michelle Obama Watch:

Norris had been Obama’s Iowa state coordinator and had become close to Michelle Obama during the campaign. But Norris said in an interview that she came to agree that she wasn’t a good fit for this job, which requires not only management and policy skills but also inevitably touches on the first lady’s personal and family life.

One early miscalculation on Norris’ s part was that she tried to take on Desiree Rogers, a close friend of the first lady, insisting that the social secretary report to her. The disagreement culminated in what one aide described as a “blowup.” Valerie Jarrett, aide to the president and a friend of both women, had to step in and smooth over a conflict that many thought should never have been engaged. “We brought in people with strong personalities and passions,” Norris said. “Disagreements are inevitable.”

Apparently Norris messed with the wrong Zulu Queen.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Make Desiree Rogers Angry. You Wouldn’t Like Her When She’s Angry.

  1. When that job shuffle first broke, I knew there a backstory that we weren’t hearing. Now I know.

  2. As I said on FB, it’s ironic that the wingnut bloggers, Fox News, douchebags at Politco and other outlets have been trying ceasely to paint Michelle Obama as Lady McBeth with a tan and perm, when she has never been anything close, from Ol’ Nassau to the White House. But Desiree…oh lawd. I guess since she’s not "making policy" they dont care, but it shows (along with stuff like Vibe’s demise) how journalism has disintegrated.

  3. Oh Desiree.I totally knew her number when she became Social Secretary. Why am I not suprised that she is a diva?

  4. If I remember correctly the social sectary reports to the First Lady Chief of Staff…I was the first to say that Desiree Rogers plays second fiddle to no one. She is a highly educated woman who is wasting her education being a damn secretary…I keep telling people that chick has her own agenda no one with that amount of education just settles for being a social secretary. She seems to be very ambitious and there is nothing wrong with that but something weird is going on with Mrs. Rogers. Soon will all find out what other activitates she’s been up to in the White House. It’s always thoses closes to you that betray your trust. Folks need to keep an eye on Mrs. Desiree!!!

  5. Well, the rest of the world will find out what we Chicagoans know…no offense to The Pres and 1st Lady, but they have no idea what a snake Ms. Desiree is…she nearly emasculated her husband…thankfully, he found his way out. She’s an imperious piece of…well, you get the drift…and please don’t look too hard into her background. But, your majesty, Ms. Desiree’s mama is a daycare operator. However, this Harvard-Princeton grad pushes her off as being "into education." Her majesty is like most nouveau riche…she uses her cash to boost the unfathomable lake of self-esteem and self-confidence that she lacks. She’s such an *itch, she can’t even give a hello or a kind word to any other woman…oh, pardon, there are no other women on earth..just Ms. Rogers.

  6. @ JanetI told people about Desireee. I had her number down long ago. Everyone said she was a friend of Michelle. No, she has been a friend of Michelle to only advance her own interests and will continue to do so.I’m goign to make a prediction that Desiree will not last all four years.

  7. so she’s mad because she was supposed to report to her boss?and her boss gets fired because of it? LMAO!if i have my info right, it wasn’t a miscalculation on norris’s part. it was on rodgers, and obama felt like keeping the train going. so much for proper protocol.

  8. I’m not arguing with the comments that seem to have personal knowledge about the woman being described here as DC’s new Omarosa. I don’t know the woman.jus wondering if anybody is more upset about how totally comfortable Rahm is about doing Rahm in the West Wing. I’m not saying Desiree is right or wrong. This just smacks of that ol corporate double standard. Is it possible that she is the bad cop to FLOTUS’ good cop as Rahm is to POTUS? Yes, she isn’t the Chief of Staff and there is someone at your job right now that has more power and authority than their position on the org chart conveys. And what makes you think the Obamas don’t know exactly what they got when they hired her? Can you be a snake with a venomous bite & a kickass wardrobe and still be loyal to your charmer? How many "friends" does Michelle Obama have that aren’t looking to advance their own personal interest? If she called you today, you’d knock your own mama over to be the Gail to her Oprah.I guess I don’t have a problem with any ambitious snake-like personality that is working for the best interests of the boss. Time will tell if this is the case. And if she bites the Obamas, she’ll have a very bright future with the FoxNews network.

  9. I have a feeling that Desiree is just not a good fit for the job of social secretary. She’s run a bunch of companies, and not only is she used to being boss, but she seems like a "big picture" sort of person. The social secretary needs to be just the opposite — very concerned with the mundane, trivial details that form the big picture. Desiree wants to be the boss and not be bossed. She wants to be in front of the camers, not behind them. None of this is bad or wrong — she has great credentials. I just think they need to switch her into a different job in the administration. The social secretary is an important job in the WH, and by cavorting all over at the state dinner rather than making sure her guests were happy, Desiree made it clear that she thinks this job is beneath her.

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