The Begging Continues, The Voting Continues and I Wuvs You All!

My site was nominated for a Black Weblog Award!

And the Snob-A-Thon keeps on rolling like steam-roller! (And thank you for being so polite and putting up with it!)

Things are going great with the Snob-A-Thon. Thanks to your support, sponsorships and donations we have reached a grand total of $870! While you’re giving, The Snob is working, scrimping and saving up for the D.C. move (which as far as I’m concerned is totally going to happen and is a mere matter of planning and plotting.)

I’m also up for a few Black Weblog Awards! Have you voted? Did you vote for moi? Just click on the button that says “2009 Black Weblog Awards” and vote away! I’m up for best political blog, best cultural blog, best writing in a blog and best blog post series. (It’s my series on Mothers & Daughters.) You’ve got until midnight July 25th to cast your vote!

Learn more about the Snob-A-Thon by clicking here. Email Dorothy at to become an advertiser/sponsor. Click the button below to donate.


One thought on “The Begging Continues, The Voting Continues and I Wuvs You All!

  1. People, birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim and the Snob’s gotta write, so help her out! Especially those with deep pockets. We know who you are. The ones who brag about those great jobs you have, etc. Now give it up. Don’t hold back now, give it up!

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