Pryor & Wilder Go To The BET Awards

In the first of the Pryor & Wilder Racial Rainbow chats, one of my female friends, aka “Wilder,” takes on the BET Awards with The Snob.

“What the hell is this?” was all Wilder asked over and over and over again as we watched the BET Awards together. Naturally, she didn’t last the whole show, but she made a solid effort. I tried to explain to her that it was the BET Awards (aka the “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” Awards). Quality, organization, decent mikes that work and even “talent” are sometimes tossed out the window. Even more annoying were the shoddy tributes to Michael Jackson of which Jackson deserved far better from a network that made their mettle showing his videos in the 80s. For all intents and purposes, MJ assisted in building BET just by existing. The least they could do was pull something better off that Ciara butchering “Heal the World” or the Real Housewives of Atlanta mumbling through “We love you, Mike!” But, as I explained to Wilder — it is what it is. But we at least agreed that we now love Kanye West’s crazy girlfriend Amber Rose! We’ve been won over! Welcome to Blackland.

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“Gawd. Are you watching the BET Awards? You have to see what Beyonce is wearing,” I quickly texted to Wilder, thus beginning a conversation that would become a cross-cultural discussion of modern black culture and a general criticism of BET’s “WTF-ness.” Basically, Wilder was lost and confused and totally hated Beyonce. Like hates. Like, I just find her a shade annoying, but enjoy some of her songs. But Wilder was a bit more descriptive in her dislike of the lacefront diva and her choice of singing Ave Maria like this was a Miss America pagaent.

Wilder: It’s official. I hate her. Like HATE HATE.

Snob: LOL

Wilder: Anyone who would agree to that fucking performance SUCKS. From the outfit to the fucking song. What the HELL is she doing singing that song?

Snob: She looked like a demented ballerina bride.

Wilder: Like what does that have to do with anything?

Snob: And she was so pleased with herself too.

Wilder: What happened before or did she just walk out and sing Ave Frickin Maria out of nowhere? BTW is Queen Latifah rocking the Jon and Kate Plus 8 reverse mullet?

Snob: Well, in crazy Beyonce’s defense there is a track called Ave Maria on her album.

Wilder: Ugh why? Like why? She sucks so much. And the look on her face was so agonizing. She thinks whatever she does is fricking brilliant.

Wilder, though, is not completely Negro-illiterate. She sometimes jokes that she is, but she immediately got the joke that was the funniest and most wrong skit of the night — the trailer for “Skank Robbers” starring 90s black drag comedy icons Shenehneh and Wanda the Ugly Girl. As much as I found both characters insulting as a teen, I won’t lie and say I didn’t laugh my ass off. Wilder and I both admitted that if this crap were a real movie we would likely go watch it.

But Wilder went back to being confused when gospel duo Mary Mary took the stage. She still liked what she saw so far …

Wilder: OK. So these chicks? Who dey?

Snob: Biggest selling secular-sounding gospel group among black gospel lovers — Mary Mary.

Wilder: I really don’t watch enough of this channel.

Snob: That’s probably a good thing.

Wilder: Can we talk about my white girl jealousy for how big black girls are so confident?

Snob: LOL

Wilder: Like the lady on the left would be no where in Whiteland. I mean (singer) Adelle is like a huge departure as you know.

Snob: Yes.

We both remarked on Zoe Saldana’s RUDENESS in announcing to the world that Nichelle Nichols was in the restroom and missed her cue on stage. She said it not once, but twice. Love your skinny mini-ass, Zoe, but NOT COOL!

Wilder: She really shouldn’t be telling people shs in the ladies room. That is so rude.

Snob: I KNOW!

Wilder: She should have just said she’s indisposed.

Snob: Running late. Sumpthin!

(Zoe continues to fumble through her teleprompter reading.)

Snob: LOL. God. Who is directing this thing?

Wilder: She could have just did it. Like start talking, but I suppose this whole show is more casual. Woah.

Snob: It’s like they just slapped some random folks together and never had them practice ish.

(Taraji P. Henson storms the stage a la the Lakers Derrick Fischer, slapping hands while leaning over to the side after Zoe announces her win for best actress.)

Wilder: That is some dress. Don’t fall girl!

Snob: I know!Taraji is crazy.

Wilder: I love her hair. I want that hair cut so bad. I love it.

Snob: Notice how they don’t play clips of the nominees or name them?

Wilder: Yeah. What’s the deal?

Snob: They’re so cheap they can’t name the other nominees? Never change BET!

Wilder: This is so weird. Why can’t we konw who these people are? Is there like really no money for a longer show? BTW That dress rocks me.

Snob: LOL. That wouldn’t surprise me.

Wilder was also confused by Jamie Foxx, who, mid show, began plugging his singing n’ jokes tour and began to admit that watching this was a bit of a guilty pleasure. I explained that in Blackland the same was true for us Negroes.

Wilder: Wait so is this like the Jamie Foxx Show? What’s going on here?

Snob: He’s the host.

Wilder: Wait? Is this the BET Awards or the Jamie Foxx kick off tour PSA?

Snob: Jamie Foxx is going to come out selling Shamwows next. And Snuggies.

Wilder: Oh OK. I gotta admit, this show is hilarious. Is that rude?

Snob: No. It is HILARIOUS!

Wilder: I mean it’s way more creative, but it’s like what the hell?

Snob: BET is largely a joke to people anyway. You can just do whatever on that network. Even the set looks kind of chintzy. Believe me. There are some black people watching this just to laugh at it.

Wilder: (To rapper Fabolous) Who is that?

Snob: Fabolous.

Wilder: Fabolous? That’s his name?

Snob: Yes. LOL.

Wilder: I see. Do people like Ben Harper who do crossover music perform?

Snob: Um … Not really. I think they might have let Lenny Kravitz in once.

Wilder: Did he just say “take me out in this recession?”

Wilder: Jamie looks like an asshole.

Snob: That’s because he is.

Wilder: Is this just music awards?

Snob: No. It’s the BET Awards. They can’t afford separate award shows. They just give everything out at once.

Wilder: Keith Sweat! OMG! Dude! So he sounds TERRIBLE!

Snob: I KNOW! God. Someone needs to invent BET Awards Bingo. Every time you say the world terrible take a drink!

Wilder: Is he kidding. Did he even rehearse?

Snob: Did ANYONE rehearse (besides Beyonce)?

Wilder: What’s the fucking lame font on the big screen in the back. And is it just like one number after another. The massive “GUY” in the back. Like really, does a prom committee run this show?

Snob: Don’t expect class or logic from the BET Awards. Just sit back and let the crap wash over you.

Wilder: I’m trying.

Snob: Just laugh and turn your mind off. If you think too hard you’ll just give yourself a headache.

Wilder: OMG. BBD!

Snob: I always saw the BET Awards as something they threw together 15 minutes before the show.

Wilder: Their mics are terrible.

Snob: I know. You know what? Showtime at the Damn Apollo had the exact same set almost. And you know they didn’t spend nearly this much money.

Wilder: Honestly

Snob: See? My parents are enjoying the Awards purely for their mocking value. It is comedy hour at the Belton house. They have no clue who anyone on that stage is. They’re just as lost as you are. Only they’re cracking mad jokes. My mother’s word after everything is “What?” all confused.

Wilder: Yeah. I’m lost.

Snob: Then my dad says something mean-spirited.

(The Real Housewives of Atlanta enter and thank Michael Jackson for … something. We’re not sure.)

Wilder: So those chicks just showed up, said we love you Michael and then the end.

Snob: Shhh … Wilder. Turn off your brain.

(On Ciara butchering “Heal the World.”)

Wilder: Is she just nervous or does she just suck?

Snob: Both. I think that’s Ciara. It might be because she’s wearing pants.

Wilder: That was awful. FUCKING AWFUL. Like i could have sang that better.

(Mike Epps and Paula Patton take the stage to Wilder’s continued confusion.)

Snob: Paula Patton is too good to be here.

Wilder: Her hair is really lame. Why won’t (Epps) face the camera. Is he hammered?

Snob: That’s how he always is.

Wilder: What IS THIS!?! I might hate these awards.

Snob: LOL. But they’re so AWESOME in their HORRIDNESS!

(Keyisha Cole and Monica now climb a large staircase with a Tuscan backdrop.)

Wilder: OK. Keyisha Cole looks like a tranny.

Snob: LOL. She’s like a Pink Lady reject in something left over from RuPaul’s garage sale.

Wilder: Fall! Fall! Fall down those sturrs! (Her outfit) Is like Madonna meets Lil Kim meets RuPaul meets Prince + Little Richard bodice with the jewels.

Snob: LOL

Wilder: What the HELL is Tuscany doing on the wall behind them?

Snob: And a chandelier! And now they’re rotating!

Wilder: I’m not sure Monica’s stretch pants fit right. Her Lindsay Lohan specials.

Snob: Monica has always been classic Whitney skinny.

Wilder: What the hell is the vineyard doing in the background?

Snob: It came free with the wall when they borrowed it from the Apollo.

Wilder: If I was an alien i would have no idea what was going on here.

Snob: You and my mom. My mom’s other word is, “TERRIBLE!”

Wilder: I love Kanye’s girlfriend. She’s so hot.

Snob: Me too! She’s gorgeous. Love a chick who can rock a baldy. She looks like a super hero. Like she fights crime on the weekends.

Wilder: But the Tuscan sunset, that was just ridiculous.

(And then we spotted some white folks at the BET Awards and Wilder shouted out for her peeps to “represent!”)

Wilder: Jeremy Piven! Yes! Representatives from Whiteland in EFFECT YALLL! WHUDDUP! Piven represent! Get in thurrr!

Snob: I didn’t know Piven had a ghetto pass?

Wilder: Dude! Issue that man a license pronto! He’s a badass.

(And the Piven attempts to present an award.)

Wilder: He looks lost and a little scared. Like, I play an agent, speaking of, FIRE MINE!

Snob: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Finally, the awards began to take their toll on Wilder. Confused, bewildered, frustrated and exhausted, she tried to find words to describe how she felt. I laughed the whole time. The breakdown began after Jamie Foxx walked Beyonce back to her seat to “surprise” her with her husband’s performance.

Wilder: OMG. What is this show. Wait, I’m confused. Why was that such a big deal?

Snob: He’s her husband? I have no clue. Excuse for Jamie to mention Bey’s dress?

Wilder: I don’t get it. Didn’t she know he was performing? That was so weird.

Snob: Everything is a hot mess.

Wilder: I seriously am completely lost. I’m going back to Whiteland. Wheres Jon and Kate Plus 8? Maybe some big love on HBO. I really might throw in the towel. Have they even mentioned Odetta passing?

Snob: Of course not. This is the BET Awards. It’s not really about black people.

Snob: There is no such thing as a talking time limit on this show.

Wilder: So weird considering how cheap everything else is. But either way it’s fun. I’m getting the hang of it.

Snob: This is the story of my life in Blackland! Everything is running too long. It’s unorganized. I’m confused. I’m HOME!

The Pryor & Wilder Racial Rainbow Chats is a semi regular series of conversations between myself and others on the day’s issues. This is the first in the series. If you’d like to participate in a future chat, email me at and tell me a bit about yourself and your background. Help bridge the racial and socio-economic divide, one hilariously frustrating conversation at a time!

33 thoughts on “Pryor & Wilder Go To The BET Awards

  1. BET awards were a low budget hot mess. They certainly didnt deserve janet jackson’s presence in such a difficult time. I’m just hope she wasnt there to witness the fuckery on stage that was supposed to be a tribute to her brother. The show was so bad i changed the channel and missed the one of the few performances that would have been worth watching. MAXWELL!! I hope i catch the youtube version of it soon. Also there was no need to have those little girls on stage while lil wayne ‘perfomed’ a heavily bleeped out version of a song about wanting to screw every girl in the world. *SMH*. Tpain’s chain irks me to the very depths of my my soul. Nignorance at it’s finestFinal Verdict: Epic Fail. I see i dont miss much by not watching that channel

  2. I was corrected on this for the same phrase:its my understand that the proper phrase is "intents and purposes" not "intensive purposes"but yeah, ur about dead on with ur BET Awards analysis. Clearly many of us tune in just to laugh. I was a bit shocked at how NO ONE could master the teleprompter. And poor Trey Songz ass was stumbling as bad as Don Cornelius’ geriatric self.And let’s NAWT get started on Ving Rhames, lol.

  3. My jaw dropped for a few minutes thinking this was an actual interview with Gene Wilder, someone whom I greatly admire. I kept saying to myself: "How did she score this interview?" Oh, well, it was a fun temporary fantasy.

  4. This reminded me why I NEVER watch BET! This was supposed to be the way they HONOR Michael Jackson. I don’t care if you only had 3 days to change things around. Maybe they shouldn’t have changed anything around and just added either in the beginning, the middle, OR the end to give him a 30 minute proper video tribute with perhaps a few people that know how to talk to talk! The best part of the show was the surprise appearance by Janet. Outside of Janet, unfortunately, it was the ghetto, foul-mouthed hip-hop and rap artists that got the most applause, and I was like FOR WHAT! What was it with the praising God and cursing him in the same sentence by some of these artists (Ne-Yo). It was tragically horrible. They should have never mentioned anything about Michael Jackson and it being a tribute to him, because he deserves better. His music could be listened to by ALL generations. I listened to his music with my parents. The only other music I can listen to with my parents is gospel and music from the 50s and 60s! The crap that they had on BET is NOTHING I would want to listen to, let alone listen to with my parents! I would be embarrassed to listen to that mess with my parents! HORRIBLE! The most horrible thing is that all eyes were on BET last night (mainstream too) and this is what they got from BET! Not class and sophistication, but a bunch of crap! That’s what mainstream thinks of us anyway, and BET just proved them right!Sorry about my rant! But they thoroughly ticked me off by their show and the supposed tribute to MJ.

  5. Until I read your blog today, I thought it was just me. The whole set-up of the BET Awards seemed low-budget and thrown together. The sound system was whack and I couldn’t even hear the opening act with New Edition. The production was sloppy and the performances were very lackluster.As a tribute to Michael Jackson this show missed the mark completely. When you look at his videos and the tight choreography and compare it to Sunday night’s show?! Sloppy and shoddy is all that I can say.

  6. Um. In order to interview Gene Wilder, she would have had to die and then come back to life. lolGreat commentary. It was very similar to conversations that I had with my friends. We are all black and we were all confused by the show. We really have to do better. Funny thing is that my biracial friend stopped watching halfway through the show. LOL

  7. That was the most coonerific show I’ve ever seen!!!! Bobby did ruin the Jackson 5 tribute and was I the only one who caught those teeny boppers dancing and singing "Every girl"? WTH?!?!?!? Lil Wayne and Drake need their butt whooped for that. BET clearly missed the censor button as I heard every cuss word imaginable at some point. I stayed up all night thinking it would turn around but nope! NOT AT ALL!!!! Maxwell and Keri had the best performances. B should have went with something more up tempo then going out their with that depressing song looking like a deranged bride lol She looked like she could’ve been the crazy woman in her movie "Obsessed" lol And let’s not even start with the new tv lineup….Toya and Tiny? Frankie and Neffie? Wendy Williams and Monique late night show? UGH!!!!! Since when did big mouths and crackheads get qualified as good TV? I felt like my IQ dropped drastically just from watching the show.

  8. Blackcutie, I hope you’re not implying that Gene Wilder is dead (a simple Google search could have told you he’s not). Perhaps you’re being purposefully ambiguous. I know it’s in vogue today.

  9. Snob,I love you, I love, you, I love, you.But I have to defend the BET awards, if only for this year. Given the choice between spitting up somber tomes on all of MJ’s many, many foibles, or forming a conga line full of apologists (see: MTV), I think they made the right choice in gleefully whopping it up in his honor. Chances are, the award show-style MJ tributes you’ll see going forward will have the same stink on them that last night had: more revival meeting,less moment of silence. So, kudos to them for being the first out of the gate for setting the tone. BET has repeatedly failed black American television viewers in such a unique way that, when they make an attempt to right the ship, it deserves some praise–however faint. Only in the early years of the UPN have you seen what a frenzied, brain-dead dash to the basement of Black American cultural tastes actually looks like. And while most of their current line up makes Tyler Perry’s work look like August Wilson’s catalogue in comparison, it looked to me last night like they were finally (FINALLY!) jolted out of their general tomfoolery by the sheer forceof necessity. Why they don’t feel the need to so more often is a question only their programming chiefs and advertisers can answer. It is better, in the long run, if the heavy lifting of publicly appreciating what was good about Michael Jackson gets a head start on what will almost surely be twenty or thirty years worth of tawdry personal revelations, multi-pronged lawsuits, counter-suits, and the assured inter-family bickering and bullshit that should kick off in a matter of weeks. It won’t matter a hill of beans what he made us all feel years ago if the only testament to his artistic legacy are tell all’s and talking heads that stuff the landscape with what a kook he was. And, make no mistake about it, he was. But there’s still a standard for popular music that he started, maintained, chased, and lost all on his own. A cohesive appreciation of the guy will allow for that. But, with the way the second and third day reports on hisdeath are shaping up, you’d have no idea why anyone even found him worthy of adoration in the first place. Think back to the show, and consider some other questions: wouldn’t the Oscar’s be better served with a host that actually enjoyed their charge for the evening as throughly as Jamie Fox did, (his personal plugs notwithstanding)? Aren’t black children better served by seeing a trio of doctors given a standing ovation for their decision to reach their educational and professional goals no matter the difficulties? And, more than anything else, if BET can’t get appreciating this guy right, then what in God’s name is their reason for being? All and all, it was a notch on their collective belts. It stings to know that they’ll go back to being the favored network of gynecologists everywhere, given their insistence on showing music videos made by directors who like women’s bodies more than they actually like women. But, just like MJ, they did one thing really well, in spite of how often they usually eff up. Oh, one last point: Zoe Saldana deserves an all-expenses paid date with Chris Brown for putting Nichelle Nichols business in the street like that.

  10. did you guys know that BET is ran by quite a few Harvard grads? WTF did they learn there? I have seem better run talent shows

  11. I watched the first hour and was thankful when my husband reminded me that True Blood was about to come on. The little bit that I saw was embarrassing. When T-Pain came up on stage during "Blame It" with that Big Ass Chain on, I said to myself – coonery at its finest. I recorded the rest of the show but now I’m wondering if I want to even watch it. It’s going to be same old low-budget, no talent piece of crap. And poor MJ. That’s how you honor him? By having Lil Wayne perform a song about screwing every girl in the world? SMH at you BET. BET is now Black Embarrassment Television.

  12. Unreal… Lil Wayne and Drake performing a sexual song with pre-teens…. WOW!Ving Rhames said and I quote: "Guns is Micheal jackson"….. WOW!Don Cornellius pretty much lost it (no way he sould have been let up there; i felt really really bad for least we have a black president to be proud of!that show was buffonery! Especially the Little Wayne performance…..

  13. This was a straight up "Coon fest". yes I said it. The only good part was Ne-Yo, the O’Jays and the end with Janet! Poor Michael. He did so much and this is how they honor him. I’m going to be doubly mad if MTV do better! Of course this all proved why i don’t watch BET!

  14. No the new name for BET is INC, the ignorant nigger channel…niggerism at its worse! I agree with all the posters here, who were those children on stage with Drake and Company!And yes Snob, Zoe was totally disarepectful to Nichols, whom gave her blessing to her skinny ass to portray her in the new Star Trek! Another unappreciative caribbean black taking African American sacfrices for granted!

  15. The awards show was a mess. It seemed like they threw in the towel as far as the tribute was concerned about an hour or so into the show. Why Ciara performed is anyone’s guess. I haven’t figured it out yet. New Edition completely and totally screwed up the Jackson 5 routine. Someone should’ve mentioned to Ralph that he can’t hit those high notes anymore. I actually found Jamie Foxx to be a pretty good, entertaining host (aside from his personal plugs, as others have mentioned). I feel like it would’ve been better to have a tribute section in the awards and then take the time to do a full fledged, hopefully more classy (….I know, it’s BET and I’m reaching, but I’m keeping hope alive!) tribute later. This was a HOT MESS. And like others have pointed out, it reminded me of why I don’t watch BET and why I agree that the network is out to destroy us as a people.[le sigh]

  16. It would have been nice if Maxwell had covered a MJ song. He really has the voice and presence to pull off one MJ’s ballads. But let’s be honest most mainstream artists do not possess the talent to honor someone like Micheal. Most of them can’t sing or dance. They aren’t musical. It’s just a bunch of entertainers not artists and most of them aren’t even that good at being entertaining. Micheal Jackson is and was a legend, a true and geniune artist, a creative soul, a musical person…he was operating in a realm of creativity that most the people at the BET awards will never experience. MJ was a genius and devoted thousands of hours worth of practice to his craft. So what kind of tribute could we really expect from what was at that award show last night? Black music which has always equaled American popular music is DEAD. There are plenty of artists on the fringes who are producing great work…but most of the what is played on the radio or most of what is popular now is noise not music. Jackson was one of the last of the greats. We won’t see another one like him our lifetime. I almost feel like his death was the last nail in the coffin of mainstream black/American popular music….it is completely dead to me now.

  17. I didn’t even know it was on until a friend called to tell me about it and that she was going to revoke my black card if I didn’t watch. I don’t watch BET. And after sitting through a half hour of the show–it was all I could stand–I’m going to stick to not watching the channel. It was TERRIBLE! And can someone, please, please, please take a pin to Jamie Foxx’s fat head. Love the Pryor/Wilder commentary.

  18. I’m with lincolnperry, it was ignant (intentional misspelling)….so that last act was Lil Wayne? I didn’t know his name at first but I was sitting in bed with my mouth wide-open not beleiving the level of coonery that was taking place. I am only 36 but I feel like I am totally out of the loop of what’s fashionable. Most of what I saw was just pitiful, I’m sorry but BET should have known that they would have all eyes on this show and turned it into something special, not the usual coons R us gig. Heck, even the papers up here in Maine where I live were covering this so-called tribute. Its been years since I watched BET and it will be years before I go back if ever….

  19. My thoughts on the BET AwardsI was thoroughly confused at Beyonce’s performance. I don’t understand the princess pixie butterfly fairy bride constume or why the hell she was singing Ave Maria and the song from the commercials with the abused animals. The smile on her face was killing me…she was so proud of herself…blecch!I couldn’t believe that Zoe really said that Nichelle Nichols was in the bathroom. I thought it was part of the sketch or something…not cool Zoe.Wow, Ne-Yo. How are you gonna curse and thank God in the same breath?I thought Keri Hilson’s performance was really good. Especially considering how it had to be changed to accomodate MJ on such short notice. I didn’t notice any mistakes in the choreography and she does a decent job of singing and dancing at the same time.I noticed that they didn’t mention who was nominated for the award, they just gave it away. I would forget what category the award was between the time they announced the winner and when the winner gave their speech.On the Skank Robbers trailer: I didn’t even realize that Martin Lawrence was playing Shanehneh until Wanda showed up. Shanehneh always had braids and was never blonde so I didn’t get it. I cracked a smile against my will a few times.I don’t think MJ would have been too pleased with any of the show but everything surrounding the Blame It performance was tasteless. Why did they have that little boy Bobby introducing Blame It? It reminds me of parents who take pictures of their toddlers holding bottles of alcohol. And then Jamie was wearing Micheal on his shirt while he was singing the song…no bueno.Speaking of Jamie, this seemed like it was his show…are you going to host or perform, Jamie?The censor wasn’t on their job…I heard "shit" once and some other stuff, too.Over all the show seemed cheap and poorly rehearsed. Just what I would expect from BET.

  20. Ditto all the previous posts. I couldn’t believe T-Pain came on stage to accept his award with a plastic cup in his hand. I was also confused by Bey’s song choice and the costume. I don’t watch BET and had not planned on watching the show. I only tuned in because I was getting so many texts from friends about how awful it was that my husband insisted we watch. I just figure I’m not in their target audience and haven’t been for years.

  21. I have never and don’t ever intend to watch the BET Awards show….but of course I don’t watch ANY award shows. Sarah had a good point about why the tribute performances to MJ weren’t better; very few people who are ‘stars’ today have actual talent. Yes, yes they may possess commerical beauty/appeal, but their actual ability to sing, dance, act is limited. It’s one thing for producers to make a person sound good in the studio, it’s something else again for that person to be able to hold their own live! But let’s look on the bright side! While black culture might be circling the drain, at least we now live in a post-racial America!!! Hooraaay for black people!**The last three sentences are liberally laced with sarcasm.Peace

  22. LMAO. With just a few slight changes, the above convo with Wilder is almost the EXACT same convo that I was having with my sister last night; I mean verbatim at some points (esp. Beyonce, and Zoe Saldana). That’s funny; the WTFness of BET is unversal. The show was embarrassing by any standard. Like forreal, there would be no Black people on MTV and no BET period without MJ and they threw together that trash from last night? Seriously? Bump what you heard, all those people saying they love Mike to death should have stayed up night and day to pick one song so they could sing and/or rap it last night. There was no excuse for that.

  23. Oh yeah, and to pile on, did anyone else notice that they were bleaking parts of Jamie Foxx’s performance that they shouldn’t have? And why in the heck did they not announce the nominees until the end of the awards show? Goodnight that was a mess.

  24. When I heard that BET was going to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, I decided to watch the show. I didn’t see much of a Tribute althought I waited the entire show. It was a fiasco! I did enjoy the O Jays and Maxwell. But I think what shook me the most was to see the act that BET decided to leave in when the "REARRANGED" the show to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. I thought that they perfomance by that Wayne man was disgusting and with those little girls on stage. I wondered where the mothers of those little girls were. Well today I found out that those were the daughters of Wayne and T.I. Someone should have taken a stick to those mothers to allow their young daughters on stage to be a part of a song that so degraded women. What in the world has happened to some of our mothers. My Lord, what will that have these girls doing later in life. I can’t believe that since the mothers seemed to have such little regard for their own daughters, that BET did not cut that act. I don’t watch the BET awards and now I remember why. Disgusting! And other people had their children there I’m thinking because they thought the show was going to be a tribute to Michael Jackson and his music…..or I’m hoping that’s why they had their children there. I felt that the Jackson family was truly dishonored with that CRAP passed off as a tribute last night.

  25. Last night was the first and LAST time I would watch the BET Awards. I agree with all the posters about what an embarrassment this show was. It was billed as a tribute to MJ, and what was presented last night (at least the hour I suffered through and btw, how do I get that hour back!) was just a hot ghetto mess.BET should be ashame of themselves.

  26. I didn’t catch the BET awards. I don’t ever watch BET. I will definitely catch the low-lights on youtube or where ever though. Obviously it was like a train-wreck and I must get my laughs in. I think it’s funny how everyone is throwing out this word Coon. I am black, but I don’t think I have ever udder that word. It makes me laugh when people will reinforce or reuse the same words that have plagued their culture. I guess we own the word now, like the N word?Also I read somewhere that Justin Timberlake and Usher were flying out or something to be at the awards to pay tribute. (almost watched it then). What happened with that? I am guessing they were not there and figured out how bad it was going to on Zoe comments. I am a Caribbean black though and don’t start saying she represents all of us. lol.

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