Missing Michael, But Missing The News

Do you remember the week that was? North Korea threatening to blow up HAWAII??? Gov. Mark Sanford admitting to some Argentine “gov luv?” The Iran election protests turning into violence and the images of reformists and bystanders dying in the streets? Did you know these things are still news?

I love Michael Jackson’s music, but I honestly need the TV news to get back to reporting SOME news. I’m so starved I’m actually looking forward to David Gregory’s annoying version of Meet the Press with David Axelrod Sunday. The big three cable newsers have so little to add to the MJ death story it’s embarrassing. In most cases they have resorted to third and fourth hand knowledge, talking to doctors who never treated Jackson and delving into gossip, hearsay and conjecture. His death has become and excuse to rehash every allegation, every quirk and every court case, but most of it is of little substance.

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But while they sit around for hours talking about how Jackson is still dead and still controversial, NEWS is happening somewhere in the world. I’m not saying they shouldn’t cover Jackson. They should. He is/was the biggest star in the world, but can’t they tone this back to hourly updates? Iran blew up and didn’t get this kind of breathless coverage. I don’t need to see Al Sharpton on every channel talking about Jackson. It’s the same interview every time. If you have nothing new to add, don’t add anything, Mr. 24-hour News. Go cover some politics or ANYTHING. I actually watched a baseball game the other night because I couldn’t take the news coverage anymore. And I loathe America’s Pastime.

Unless you’re a music video channel, please, show me some meat and potatoes news to go with my commemorations. I’m dying over here.

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  1. Wow, that’s really bad. Although the coverage has been a wee bit excessive, I’m not loathing it yet. If MSNBC and other outlets can devote several days covering Tim Russert’s death, it’s the least we can do for the memory of Michael Jackson.

  2. I’m sure the happiest person right now is that governor in South Carolina who confessed about his hot Latina tango dancer lover in Argentiina. I was watching him being discussed on MNBC and as soon as word arrived about Jackon they literally dumped him like a hot potato and haven’t discussed him since. It’s all MJ 24 hours a day

  3. We’re getting alot of MJ news in Europe but I’m sure nothing like the deluge you’re getting in the States. I remember a few years ago when MJ was on trial, I’d just gone to L.A. to visit family and the trial was the ONLY news that was shown. It was the same week the G8 summit was going on (that Bush didn’t attend) and you didn’t hear anything about that and I remember thinking how pitiful the state of the news is in America. Yes Michael’s death is sad and untimely, but life goes on.

  4. I agree that entertainment news is deemed more important then local, national, and global affairs. I think Michael is deserving of this coverage considering the life he led and how he has entertained the world for his whole life. But yeah at the end of the day we need a break. We need to get back to reality and move on. It helps people grieve. I think once he is buried this will stop. I remember when 9/11 happened. You couldn’t get away from it. It was on for ever. Reliving it day in and day out. I just stopped watching t.v. Every time I hear something about Michael I am about to cry so yeah….lets get back to the affairs people. Sanford you are not off the hook.

  5. I’m trying not to be mad at Michael for getting Rachel Maddow cancelled two days in a row.

  6. MJ’s death is deserving of all the attention it is getting. I think it is quite insensitive to say "I love Michael Jackson’s music, but I honestly need the TV news to get back to reporting SOME news". Media outlets are covering other news, you just have to keep flipping through channels to get that info. It is about time that the death of a prominent black person is getting this much media attention.

  7. Michael Jackson, THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF MY TIME, is getting ample coverage & deservedly so! That’s what occurs when people of his stature depart this earth! Had he only received a passing sound bite on the day of his untimely passing or the next day, most of you people would be up in arms about that! Deal with it! When I tuned into ANY mainstream news media since Thursday, I expected to be informed of Michael Jackson & preferably as the lead story. I am pleased that I was NOT disappointed!

  8. What’s bothering me is that I’m hearing the same information repeated over and over and over again. Every channel. Unless there is some new information about Jackson’s death, I don’t want to hear it.

  9. Wow Snob, this post is truely snobby. As a former journalist you know there are other media outlets to get your "meat and patotoes" news from. As others have said, Michael Jackson is deserving of all this media attention. Yes, there are other things going on in the world (there always is) but this is MJ’s time so lets give it too him.

  10. To those who think I’m complaining about the reason for covering the death:If you read the post I’m complaining specifically about the gossip mongering, third-hand knowledge and how there is no new news. That most outlets are just rehashing molestation allegations. THAT is what I’m annoyed by. That they have nothing meaningful to add.Did no one notice this paragraph?The big three cable newsers have so little to add to the MJ death story it’s embarrassing. In most cases they have resorted to third and fourth hand knowledge, talking to doctors who never treated Jackson and delving into gossip, hearsay and conjecture. His death has become and excuse to rehash every allegation, every quirk and every court case, but most of it is of little substance.

  11. i know!!!! i was thinking the same thing by friday night….i was astounded at the number of z list pundits and has beens being wheeled out to give their take on events…then i got really mad at my regular tv schedule continually being messed with… luckily the weather has been so good here so i could avoid the tv altogether in the end…

  12. Don’t do too much news watching on MJ.I stick to the entertainment stuff…and yes, I’ve been hankering for some real news too…unless they have something new to add they need to stop with the gossip mongering and report real Jackson news or real news in general.

  13. My sentiments exactly. It seems that the reports have slowly begun to simmer down. The initial shock is what had the news channels going over the top I presume. Now that we’re all getting used to the fact that he’s really gone. It’s easier to carry on with the usual business of life.

  14. i hope you’re not surprsised. even your own blogs, the frivolous entertainment blogs will have more comments than blogs on politics, war and other things. folks like to major in minors.

  15. Snob:I agree the rampant hypothesizing has gone over board and has grown wearisome. There are many more real stories of more import that a reputable news organization should spend time on. I only hope they do and then can pick the MJ story when the toxic reports and autopsy info is released.

  16. Shut the hell up! Your always posting some flim-flam about Obama’s dog, Sasha’s braids or some nameless White House aide’s strapless dress. You, along with the majority of the media, have worshipped Obama more as a celebrity than for his actual proposed political program, and now the biggest celebrity ever – who’s been a part of the lives of millions across the world for decades – has passed you want say "let’s get serious?". On top of which, in reality Jackson’s passing is more important to most people. Riots in Iran? There’s always strife somewhere. Under threat of annihalation by North Korea? The same things been said every year for the last 10 years. Plus we were much closer to Armageddon during the Cold War. Politician caught with their pants down? After Clinton can anyone be bothered? Yet through the decades MJ’s been thrilling, charming (and alarming), soothing and giving us, or just accompanying us, on some of the best times of our lives.p.s. MJ said more "Man In The Mirror" than Obama’s said in all his speeches.

  17. At this point, I’d rather hear about what Obama’s dog had for breakfast than another story about MJ. That BET "tribute" was a travesty. Janet Jackson showed grace and dignity, but Joe Jackson was a mess.

  18. I agree wholeheartedly with Danielle. Michael Jackson was the greatest performer ever and his untimely death was a tragedy and a loss to the music world. He will truly be missed. But there are other things going on in the world. All this speculating is best left to E!. The other networks need to be covering world events. When all is said and done, what is going on in Iran IS more important than Michael Jackson’s death. Until there is news (such as an autopsy and toxicology report), a daily update would suffice.

  19. @enemyofthestate, i agree completely. nothing else to add, but you’ve brought up a great point.

  20. Well, after I read the first paragraph this became all gibberish to me. You’d rather hear the news instead of about the life of The King of Pop we all know as Michael Jackson!! The news is way over rated. Although it keeps us updated on current events, it is corrupted with a bunch of hot air to get the viewers tuned in. Any news is worth waiting to hear, any show is worth canceling for MJ because he was bigger than Iran or Madoff PERIOD.

  21. Really? Michael is bigger than Iran? That’s really how y’all feel? I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m just astounded that people feel this way. Maybe I’m too young to understand.

  22. This is the biggest star in the world and one of the world’s greatest, most unique talents. Trailblazer, legend, Icon, biggest humanitarian, Black billionaire way before Oprah, knew every world leader personally, most successful album of all time, career spanned 40 plus years… and he was only 50! etc. There are truly no words to describe just how intense Michael’s reach, pull and influence was. He has died. How can we NOT cover him enough? I understand what you’re saying Danielle, but I have to respectfully disagree. I think b/c of people’s, even so called ‘fans’, recent, usually unfounded, biases toward him, your positive attention about Mike has waned. Please don’t let this happen. You know, if Mike were white, with his heart and scope of talents, I most highly doubt anyone would complain about the coverage. Blacks and Whites alike would keep their mouths shut and start bowing to the passing of a true King. Damn shame.

  23. P.S. I don’t like how they are covering him- the continued insults, mythologies, severe scrutiny, and outright lies. I realize the news has become gossipy entertainment and I could see if you complained about that, but not about how much. There’s no such thing as too much coverage when it comes to the death of Michael Jackson. This Mike Jackson, man. Mike Jackson.

  24. Man, some of these posts sound hella young and hella ignorant. This is beyond entertainment news, this is the news. The stature of Michael Jackson goes beyond entertainment and well into political and international media. World affairs is MJ’s life. Are y’all kidding wit this bull? The only folks I hear talking smack at this time are either racists, trolls or some random Elvis/Beatles/Prince fan who is filled with envy. Yo, like Rodney Dangerfield said, "he get no respect." Even in death.

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