Danielle’s Journal: Hair! Hair! Hair!

10 thoughts on “Danielle’s Journal: Hair! Hair! Hair!

  1. Your hair looks very nice, Danielle. I think straight looks better on you. Please don’t call me a stalker or obsessed fan. Thank you. Hee, hee. (If this becomes a double post, I apologize. My computer is acting funny lately)

  2. When I met you the first thing I thought was man she’s got great hair! You’ve got that Oprah Winfrey thick shiny hair! I wish mine was like that. I’ve been natural, permed or straight and my hair is always nice but its always been so thin! you are blessed with the gift of gab, visual artistry and thick beautiful @ss hair!!! You go girl!Saycon"Southern Pin-Up" available on Itune

  3. Beautiful Snob,Ya look Great! Either way.Remember, You define You. Your hair doesn’t.Like the smile too. It kinda wishper’s ‘sweet snark’.LOL.

  4. you do not have to choose..as long as your hair is healthy you do what you want…it’s not about the ‘either’/’or’it’s about the ‘and’

  5. a girls gotta have optionsI agree with the others who say why choose when you can do both!

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