The Limits of Blackness: Sagging W/ Skinny Jeans

Unless you’re doing it out of irony … no. Just. No.

The Limits of Blackness is a semi-regular series which features tales about things that are too “black” for even the blackity blackest of black people. Past stories include: wearing traditional West African garb for a wedding, the term “boo” and celebrating Kwanzaa. Read the rest here.

18 thoughts on “The Limits of Blackness: Sagging W/ Skinny Jeans

  1. "Blackity blackest of black people" is so condescending. It remembers of names like tarbaby and the like. Why are black people so messed up? I wonder sometimes.

  2. Thank you, i thought i was the only one doesn’t understand saggy skinny jeans. One stupid trend at a time please. You actually have to work very hard to pull skinny jeans over hips to make them sag, which means those boys in that pic spent some time to look like unmade beds. I wish Dr. Henry Gates would do a study about the desire of so many of these guys to have people look at their underwear. Speaking of femininity, can we mention males wearing not one but TWO freakling diamond pave earrings? When did it become ok for dudes to wear their grandmother’s jewelry? I am so tired of seeing so many young Black men walking around looking effeminate, and little boys (i’m talking toddlers) don’t need earrings and doo-rags either. Argh, yeah that’s too blackity for me.

  3. @ Rosyln: It is an Etch a Sketch! Aw lawd. They’re called skinny jeans for a reason. If you’re going to sag them … I just don’t understand. I want this trend to go away for real — like yesterday.

  4. So wrong on so many different levels. Not a fan of men in any form of too tight pants. Fitted yes, choking off anatomical parts… not.

  5. @ "too "black" for even the blackity blackest of black people" … bwahahaha! I’m going to read the rest of the series right now. @ the etch-a-sketch belt buckle…. I kind of like it.

  6. This is painful to look at….and even more painful to remember. No amount of alcohol will rid my brain of this image.

  7. Yes! Thank you! Please get outt amy head! I have been wondering about the thought process behind it – like if you let the tight jeans sag – do you think that makes you look less "gay"? It doesn’t. Please believe.

  8. I’m a bit late here, but they look feminine? I haven’t seen too many girls in saggy skinny jeans, lol. Or is it the bright colors/hearts? Haven’t seen that one either. Please explain?

  9. im diggin the white boy swag all you old fossils need to get wit da fashion…blackout!!!!!

  10. This could be viewed as emasculating, but I think it really has to do with making people without ass look trendy for in fact having no ass.I’m not the one.

  11. At the end of the day I think there is a very sexist bias when it comes to black males. Why should black males be terriosed and labelled as gay or too effemiante for wishing to dress more outlandish and different? Why would you want to dress like you just walked out of a uncatalogue anyway? Dressing differently is key to forming and identity and " feminization of black men" is just an idiotic way of saying that "you do not dress the way I have been conditioned to view men as, therefore you are not right." Enlighten yourselves people! In the acient days, warriors and hunters would do the things that we now as a society identify as too feminine for men, for example some tribes wore make up, plaited their hair etc in prepartion for going to battle. A few years back, women wearing trousers were seen as wrong and evil, do you ever bat an eyelid if you see a woman wearing trousers these days? It is all conditioning which we need to break out of, skinny jeans doesn't not equal gay, it equals "I want to wear something that I think looks good"

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