Battle of the Greek Barbies

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  1. Why do the barbies have to be light-skinned??? Damn, to be honest they don’t even look black they look Mexican!!!There are all shades in these wonderful sororities and unless they plan on making different shades of each barbie, they need to cancel the idea of selling them to the women in these sororities!!!!!

  2. I 2nd Swiv, where the Zeta & Rho Dolls. Plus, where is the money going to? (i.e., a National Scholarship Fund to provide financial support for young women going to college ………)

  3. @ la t- i would hope so, most of those paraphernalia USUALLY turn into some kind of kick back to the members, but i have heard otherwise from my aunt who is a "older" ivy leaf..@mya- have you ever heard of the paper bag test? (they don’t do it anymore, but it makes you wonder why the barbies are light like that. african americans come in all different colors, they shouldn’t have been neglectful of that)@swiv- where are the zeta and rho dolls??, even though i am not in the divine 9, i would prefer a zeta doll, just because i like the color scheme betteri do love the pandering though…"you have given us your lifelong membership and service, and even though you still have to contribute money as an alumni…please purchase this doll for 39.99 to show your pride…thank you"(being a greek, i understand this completely)

  4. this isn’t as bad as those converse basketball shoes for the Pan that was made some years back.

  5. I agree with Mya. They could use a little more color, but then after reading Jasmine’s post I understand why. It’s bad enough people had to go through that, but the dolls too. DAMN

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  7. Hmmmm….as the ultimate skeptic im not really diggin the whole sorror thing. its cute from a distance but as an 09er i think the very best of years and representation of these long standing groups has passed. i was interested for a while but im not feelin the elitist (sp.) aspect of it all. (maybe im not a snob after all). And btw…since i kno a lil sum…where are AKA’s pearls. None in the earrings and none ’round her neck??? Wasup?

  8. The Delta Doll will be darker, the prototype is light which is in the pic. I spoke to the Soror who is marketing the doll and the doll also plays the sweetheart song (I think) its plays something musical and its pretty tall, its about 16 inches tall. I am actually the color of the prototype, but I can’t buy that one, so for all the folks that complain about dark dolls, you will get one, and light to medium folk like me won’t for a change. Ditto for my Delta bookend that has a dark skinned Delta on the end. But a Black woman is a Black woman, so I am not complaining.The AKA doll is pretty. Wish they had these when I grew up. first black Barbie I had was her friend Christie.Think I’m dating myself now….

  9. @ swiv and La T,The Zetas and Rhos were too busy doing community service to design a Barbie doll.

  10. well one of the basic entrance requirements into any of the divine 9 organizations is the command of basic english and grammar…..sooooo…..oh yea, LMAO @ anonymous… you’re saying the K’s and the Deltas don’t do community service?

  11. @ AnonoymousIt’s ok to hate on the Delta’s and AKA’s as we take over just about every campus anyways. Just know hating us won’t make up for what you may lack. đŸ™‚

  12. ”Her passion has always been to own a successful business. Having tried everything from Mary Kay to selling cell phones….”huh? what? this is on the press release?lmfao…

  13. Funny – this same article is on several another site. I understand people write about the same things, but can you put a new spin on it?

  14. Think about it this way.. They had to make the AKA doll because they were "first".. It is now the Delta’s turn even though technically we were also first. I figure in about 10- 15 years.. they will have a Zeta doll.. then a SGROH doll.. Also Delta’s do plenty community service.. you see us reguardless of the weather.. thanks

  15. Sorry AKA’s Just checked the "Trinity design" website.. It seems like the first doll is the DELTA Doll.. Other dolls are "coming soon".. I love the way the person thinks.. DST First. all the Rest fall behind.. lol

  16. Delta and AKAs are always participating and hosting public service events because they are public service organizations. Read your history or your local newspaper; both organizations deserve to be highlighted no matter the color of the doll.

  17. I had no idea that Soro dolls existed. Why not? There is other Greek swag out there…

  18. I’m a Sigma Gamma Rho and I have an SGRHO doll. Bought it at a conference. She has a medium complexion and is decked out in blue and gold African attire. She’s cute. I think the DST and AKA dolls are cute also. However, it would be nice if all D-9 sorority dolls came in various skin complexions since black women come in all shades.

  19. Would you all stop this nonsense about who’s better and who’s not. OK WE GET IT! Each person chose their respective org for personal reasons. Now get to the damn business of working, and leave the back and forth to the young’ uns, who don’t even transition to Grad chapters to continue to the work of the orgs. No wonder we won’t even exist in the next 20 years or so. If it’s not a damn lawsuit for hazing or mismanagement of funds, it’s us tearing one another down. Grown ass women, no less…geez!

  20. I'm actually the designer and manufacturer of the Delta doll in question. The pic shown is of the prototype. First let me clarify her skin color. She is light skinned because I'm light skinned and I modeled the doll after myself, a devastating Diva of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The actual production doll is a bit darker though in an effort to accommodate the masses. As far as kickbacks to the sorority??? really…?? I paid my vendor fee to the sorority just like every vendor is supposed to. I am offering dolls that celebrate all of my Divine Nine sisters but chose the Delta doll first for obvious reasons.I am not affiliated with, partnered with or indebted to any of the big industry names. It's just a small company of 2 african american women trying to make a living. The Essence of a Zeta, The Essence of Lady Ivy and The Essence of a Sigma are currently in pre-orders now with delivery in May and I will say they are fabulous. Just as fabulous as the Delta doll. All of the dolls have custom audio and sculpted hands. My dolls are 16 inches as opposed to Mattel's Barbie @ 11.5 inches. Hopefully we can move past the color issues that we continue to display… I aspire to make dolls that are beautiful and yes in all colors. My website is and you can hear the audio for each doll as well as place your order or leave me a comment via my contact page. thanks Niccole Graves

  21. First of all, thank you Niccole for designing dolls to represent our organizations. The thing that is bothering me a bit is how Sigma's attire looks rather on the matronly side verses elegant like the other orgs dolls. How do you view Sigma Gamma Rho? Please don't take offense to my comment but it is something that is bothering me and I had to ask.

  22. The pics shown of the dolls are prototypes and actually look quite different in production. "Matronly " won't be a word that you'd use to describe The Essence of Lady Sigma once you see the final product.Trust me she is beautiful!! Her hair is completely different and her dress is off the shoulder. As many SGRho's that I know I wouldn't dream of making a doll that was any less beautiful than the other 3.

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