The Week The Pop Died

12 thoughts on “The Week The Pop Died

  1. Now he comes a legend, never growing old and gray, always remaining fresh and innocent in our collective memories.

  2. I realize that death is a part of life. But if there is one thing I HAAATTEEE…it’s when people die for B.S. reasons or for no reason at all.Michael’s death would qualify for that.He was not supposed to die for at LEAST another 20 years. He was supposed to die an old man, which would still be huge loss, but I think I could deal with it better.But he died over some damn prescription drugs (we think). Ridiculous.And now a lot of our children will be born into a world with no Michael Jackson.That is UNbelievable to me.

  3. Thank you. Everytime I hear Michael’s songs I want to dance all night! Here is my dream: that the internet social networks rally and do what we did to get Obama elected and ensure that there is enough money for those children to be taken care of and for Michael’s estate to get back the catalogue of SONY’s. This would do my heart proud.

  4. There’s been a lot of comfort in watching MTV. First of all it’s amazing to see this many videos on MTV once again, and the more you see Michael’s body of work,….it’s just stunning. I had forgotten some of these over the years. MTV has been the most respectful.

  5. It was a SHARP painful experience watching sick demented CNN during the pre-confirmation of his death,,,,,the man just died, and those people were sizing his estate, parading his infamous trail and the balcony incident OVER & OVER like this is all he was about.Once the news were confirmed, I turned the TV off and never looked back. I’m a self-composed woman, but NO celebrity death has struck me to the core the way MJ’s did(I was saddened when Aaliyah died, but Mike’s death put me in a numb state of shock),,,,it honestly felt like a family loss to me, as absured as it may sound. Right now, I’m worried about his kids. They’re in for a BIG act of madness, and they’re the ones who’ll suffer the media harrassment more than anybody,,,,,,,I pray for them all the strength they could get, lord knows they need it at this point.P.S. Before I forget, this is a BIG lurker speaking lol and its my 1st time posting here. I’ll say this in short, you’re a fabulous woman and I learned so much from your blog, thank you and keep it up.

  6. @Harlepolis I think your thoughts about the death of MJ are the same as mine. I haven’t been able to watch the constant stream of television specials and tributes. The last thing I saw was the moment they told us he had died. My tv went off and that was it. It’s crazy to think that the death of this person I’ve never met could prompt such a harrowing feeling. His music was such an experience and has always been a staple throughout my childhood. I wasn’t around when he was at his prime but I think Michael’s music transcends time and generations. I remember my interest in MJ peaked during middle school and I started to really appreciate him for myself. Suddenly his music became something fun for my parents and I to bond over. I definitely look forward to sharing that with my own kids one day and hope they’ll be able to appreciate his legacy too.

  7. I’m already there. I go between angry and sad. Crying and wanting to strangle someone at the same time.

  8. @TruthTellerMany of the kids who were born into the world when Michael Jackson was still alive do not know who he was. My mom asked one 17 year old (!) who absentmindedly answered "He’s that weird light-skinned guy with the small nose, right?" as he clicked through some Chris Brown ringtones on his cell phone.At least one generation has grown up with Michael the Suspected Pervert, and another generation since then has grown up with Michael on the periphery (Michael who?), not at the forefront of music.Most of today’s kids did not grow up with Michael the Innovator. Let’s face it; his peak artistic years were not in the past decade.So the point you bring up about kids growing up without Michael has, in effect, already happened.

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