Our Top Commenters Bring the Pithy

From The Snob’s Valentines Day collection.Time for our first ever celebration of the best comments on the blog this week. There are our top three:

Some of you think Condi did a little more than execute her duties to get those sweet gifts from Qaddafi:

condi probably showed qaddafi some thigh…. (Starrie)

Some of you think we should leave “gov luv” alone:

Don’t forget the part where you turn a presser (or Oprah’s couch) into a confessional…maybe it’s just the early equinox fatigue setting in, but really, can’t we just all leave Jon, Kate, the Darling 8, the Governor, the Argentinian, Jenny-the Saint, the four Innocents, the Senator, the Wife, her Husband an’ ‘nem to their cleanup while we attend to our own glass houses? (Devessel)

Some think my 81-year-old cursing, smoking granny is a role model (she totally is):

Please. When I’m 81 I’m going to do whatever it is I please. I’m thinking constant margaritas and hand-rolled cigarettes, just to prove my dexterity. (Thembi)

And the winner is THEMBI! Granny Snob would totally approve. For having the pithiest comment of the week, Thembi will win one of The Snob’s humorous handmade, one-of-a-kind, black history greeting cards. There’s a new winner every week so have a funny, pithy or snarkilicious comment and you could be a winner too!

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