Oprah: Getting A Little Too New Agey For the Jesus Crowd?

Crusing the Web for a break on all things Michael Jackson related and I found this story on Black Voices caliming that Oprah had denied Jesus as the only path to God. Suddenly the Scooby Sense in my brain went “Ruh-Roh!” knowing this was NOT going to go over well with Oprah’s Christian base and a majority of black folks.

More story and video after the jump.

A new video which features popular talk show host Oprah Winfrey denying Jesus as the only way to God has received over 5 million views on several reporting video sites.

The approximately seven-minute video entitled, “The Church of Oprah Exposed,” was posted less than a month ago and has claimed the a Top Favorites spot in the News & Politics category of a popular social networking site …

(T)he ‘new age’ philosophy the video attributes Oprah with spreading has been a cause of concern for many Christians for some time. Many believe the day-time host is leading many into spiritual confusion by distorting the gospel message of Christianity.

One pastor likened Oprah’s ‘many ways to God’ approach as a ‘blind man’ drawing close to the edge of a dangerous cliff. “She holds the trendy idea that religions are essentially the same,” writes Steven W. Cornell, a Pennsylvania-based pastor.

“She irrationally romanticizes the notion that God can be whatever you want him/her/it to be,” Cornell continues to write.

During the video, viewers are shown a clip of a previous show where Oprah blatantly denies Jesus as the only way to God. “How can there be only one way to heaven or to God?” Oprah asked the audience. When asked by a woman in the audience, “What about Jesus?” Oprah responded, “What about Jesus? There couldn’t possibly be one way.”

The video’s primary focus seems to be targeted at Oprah’s recent Webinar class, where she is promoting Eckhart Tolle’s new book entitled, “New Earth.”

So … who thinks this is a big deal and who doesn’t? On one hand you have those who believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God who are not going to be pleased. But, on the other hand, if you believe in a different religion, faith or you’re an atheist you might feel better-to-indifferent about it. OR, if you’re like me and you think a lot of the hocus pocus Oprah believes in is crizzap no matter how she feels about Jesus (re: She could have said Jesus was the way, but as long as she’s still shilling “The Secret,” I ain’t buying), maybe you’re just rolling your eyes going, “OH, OPRAH!”

51 thoughts on “Oprah: Getting A Little Too New Agey For the Jesus Crowd?

  1. Her stance on religion that borders on the New-agey is not what bothers me. I think she's "gone Hollywood".

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