A Nickle For Your Corpse: Why Michael Jackson’s Death Is Sad A Boon For Hustlenomics

Michael Jackson was a phenomenal talent, beloved by many, who lived both a mercurial and Howard Hughes-esque existence. He made a ton of money. People were drawn to him to the point of absurdity. People would pay anything for a piece of him. This concerned his own church, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, so much that they accused him of becoming an idol that people worshipped.

They were probably right to a certain extent. Some celebrities become like Gods among men and women. Michael Jackson was a pop deity.

Now he will be a dead pop deity for the low, low price of $19.99.

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Prepare yourself for the on-coming “Michael Jackson Is Dead” Hustlenomics Olympics. Right now there is probably a T-shirt factory somewhere in Asia pumping out MJ Forever T-shirts as we speak. Somewhere your neighborhood hustleman is putting in an order for a series of Velvet Michael paintings and about 500 bootleg copies of Invincible. Someone is pitching to QVC their handmade Michael Jackson kitchen knives collection. The only thing more valuable to a hustleman than a living MJ is a dead one. Someone is working on a news documentary. VH-1, MTV and BET are working on their tribute specials. Someone WILL pitch a reality show to a surviving member of the Jackson clan. All the Michael merch you owned as a kid will go up in price on eBay …

Prepare to see a $500 limited edition copy of Moonwalker for sale. Let the games (sadly) begin.

23 thoughts on “A Nickle For Your Corpse: Why Michael Jackson’s Death Is Sad A Boon For Hustlenomics

  1. "A nickel for your corpse’…really. you chose that as the title. I guess you did’nt rest your snark after all. I’m out, good luck with your hustlin for paypal $$$$$

  2. @ NayoIt was meant as a diss for people who sell bootleg crap. Not a diss on Michael Jackson.

  3. I actually own "Moonwalker" on VHS. There is a couple of times I thought about tossing it out, but I just couldn’t do it. No thanks, Ebay. My childhood memories are more important.

  4. I can only imagine the media circus that will surround his funeral. This may surpass the coverage of Princess Diana’s funeral. As long as I don’t his face on a tote bag, I won’t have to hurt anyone.

  5. I thought I wouldn’t be able to laugh about anything MJ related for months but this did it for me:"Someone is pitching to QVC their handmade Michael Jackson kitchen knives collection."Thanks, Snob. It won’t bring him back, but by God, that cracked me up.

  6. I thought about this soon after I hear that he "died". It’s one of the worst parts of this. It happene to Elvis, Marilyn, and Whitney, it’s bound to happen to him.

  7. Last night, I was thinking how the Elvis estate made tens of millions after his death, far more than when he was alive. In fact, Elvis was nearly broke when he died. Expect to see Michael Jackson impersonators making a mint in Vegas for years to come and the marketing to go in high gear.

  8. I hate myself for having had this thougt- But I was thinking maybe Janet and the brothers should get a bunch of famous people who had been inspired by MJ- Usher, CBreezy and others to perform at his concerts in English sold out tours as a tribute tours. With the nostalgia and the guilt that many people are feeling over his life and death they would make loads of money.Like I said this is a low mercenary thought but it did cross my mind.

  9. so you’re saying all of those gaudy ass obama t shirts are going by the way side in favor of gaudy MJ shirts?

  10. Someone was in the parking lot of Wal-Mart hustling some white gloves that said R.I.P. in rhinestones on the back. I was trying to click a pic so ya’ll could see this ish. Who was up with the BeDazzler at 4:00am? I hate to see his life reduced to a tacky glove sold out of a minivan in the Wally-World parking lot… deep sigh. SMH

  11. Except for some bootlegged copies, Moonwalker isn’t out on DVD and I’m willing to bet they’ll start cranking out copies in about a week. And yes I’ll most likely buy it. (I’m going to take the VHS copy from my Mom’s house too, if she hasn’t tossed it)

  12. Today as I was at Union Station and I saw a man selling MJ shirts already! So you are right as always Snob. The hustlenomics is already starting.

  13. MJ may not have been solvent at his death yesterday. But, today iTunes sales have picked up. According to experts who have studied Elvis, Michael Jackson’s likeness, name and music are valued at $100 million. The tour was a drop in the pan. He was "worth more" dead. I hope they investigate this case really well.

  14. ^^^I was wrong. From the APBy some estimates, Jackson’s estate could be worth more than $1 billion. Besides the master recordings of his own music, Jackson owned half of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a jewel estimated to be worth $2 billion by itself. The 750,000-song catalog includes music by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers.

  15. I guess people have to profit from this somehow. Why pimp a dead person for your own personal gain. I guess making a quick dollar rules over good taste. I loved Mike as did many others, but I don’t want to see him on every tacky souvenir, on every street corner. But, of course it’s happening anyway. Very sad, indeed.

  16. Well I knew it was just a matter of time, but how quickly that time flew… why oh why am I watching a reporter for MSNBC interviewing people selling MJ tribute tshirts at 1 in the morning post death up in Harlem. Could you just wait a day dammit?

  17. For the things that are "Legally" merchandised I don’t feel so bad about it. Jackson had a lot of debt..the upsurge in legitimate sales almost guarantee that his estate will be profitable and the vultures who are trying to get their hands on his catalog of music will have to settle for lump some payments.With that said this is inevitable.We live in a capitalistic society and nothing is more profitable than a dead pop star. Sad but true.

  18. @ dukedraven,I will always have much respect for Pricilla Presley and how she handled Elvis’ estate. She was very careful about how his image was used. And every cent that was made went/goes to his daughter Lisa Marie. I hope somebody has the wherewithall to do that with Michael’s estate and to ensure that the income earned goes to his children, not his broke ass, washed up siblings. And I certainly hope that it doesn’t turn into a circus like it has with MLK’s estate and his heirs.

  19. I enjoyed your articles here – this one about the pimping of a dead rock star and the one about the over-saturation of MJ death in the news. I agree that these reactions have less to do with genuine mourning and more to do with profiteering and sensationalism.Michael Jackson’s musical and artistic legacy will survive. I wish his children better health and peace that their father lacked.


  21. This was not the thing which people demand for ti the question link was to justify is he boon or bane but this showed the dietyness of that passed away person.AND why people are hiding the fact or about his CONVERSION TO ISLAM

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