Michael Joseph Jackson: 1958 – 2009

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  1. RIP Michael. Thanks for the music and the magic. I can still remember the excitement of seeing the ‘Thriller’ video for the first time. You’re a legend who will not be forgotten.

  2. Rest in peace, Michael. No matter what you did, the 10 year old inside of me still wanted one more album.

  3. I… have no words. Rock With You is probably my favorite MJ song. I recently discovered the awesomeness of Off the Wall (the song, not the album). After all this years, I was STILL finding songs of his that were new and amazing to me.I remember when the You Are Not Alone video premiered in primetime…. it was HUGE. I just wanna curl up somewhere and listen ton MJ/J5/Jacksons songs for days.

  4. My first tape in my first walkman was Thriller. Got the pair for a perfect report card in 2nd grade. It was my only tape for months, on constant auto reverse.

  5. I remember first be introduced to him though my sister who had His album. Ever since then I’ve been in love. I’m playing all my Michael Jackson now.

  6. hp h gt Gc wt hs mny …———-You’ve been disemvoweled by the editor. Someone just died. No snark allowed here. Sorry.

  7. My very first music video was Thriller taped at the end of a home video of my baby cousin as a surprise so that I would watch the whole thing. Best hour wait of my life for what I saw after.

  8. He was plastered all over my walls as a teen. His music blasted in my first car. I will miss you Michael…I too was waiting for just one more album, one more TV appearance, one more oncert…Rest in Peace.

  9. In the early ’70s, I always had photos of The Jacksons hanging on my wall. If I had to pick my favorite years, it was 1969 to 1975, and the Jacksons were a part of that innocence.

  10. say what you like about michael jackson – the man was a musical genius – 7 top 10 hits from one album that had 9 songs!!! wow RIP MJ

  11. The pain I am feeling for a person I never met is unmeasurable. I will not be able to watch any ‘regular’ television, including cable, or look at any internet news for a while. I can’t. (Rest your ‘snark’, then come back.)

  12. @ NayoI just love so much of his music. The man had his troubles, but he made Thriller, Bad and Off the Wall. Not to mention "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "I Wanna Be Wear You Are," and putting in the best contributions to the Motown Christmas album that defined my childhood. So my snark will save itself for the living.

  13. I’m stunned and saddened but I’m also angry that black people,esepcially those in the media,allowed his legacy to be reduced to rubble by a snide,hateful,racist,bigoted,biased media and society I’ll bet NOW all of a sudden you’ll hear people on black radio attacking the media well why didn’t you do that while he was still alive?!! Brace yourselves for all the verrrrrrrry snarky hateful bullshit coming.

  14. I am sad, I am sorry. But I’m not feeling any pain. Now Sharpton’s on TV; the niggerati will now be falling all over themselves to get to his funeral. He used up my goodwill years ago. I’ll remember the music, that’s it. I would never leave ANY child with him. He need therapy badly.

  15. I can’t say I’m shocked & I don’t believe most people should be… However, I’m truly saddened by his passing. A musical genius… I"ll be forever happy to have grown up on & STILL enjoy all his music! Cheers Michael – THE Greatest MUSICIAN of my time!

  16. RIP, Michael, your music will live on. One of my favorite memories is the special they had on to introduce his ‘Bad; video. I worked part time in a bookstore and we had a tv at the front of the store. I taped the special and the mall shoppers would cluster at the front every time we played it. Issues aside, the man was a phenomenal performer and he left quite a legacy.Again, RIP.

  17. RIP Michael! I pray for his kids and your entire family to have peace and comfort at this time. He’ll always be copied, but never replaced! He was truly a legend. I loved his songs and my favorite memory of Michael was me begging my parents to buy me that Red Leather jacket with so many zippers and trying leaarn his moonwalk dance wearing socks in the living room. He’ll be missed by the entire world.

  18. No snark here Snob. While I am (like yourself) a devout Prince fan, I know full well that the audio-carpeting of my childhood just frayed beyond repair with Michael’s passing. But I do have something snarky to say.Why in the hell are Al Sharpton and Michael Eric Dyson on my bleeping television right now? Did Sharpton really have to stage a bleeping PRESS CONFERENCE no less than two hours after the AP makes Michael’s passing official? Like, seriously? And one more thing. How easy is Mark Sanford breathing at this moment? Only Gary Condit had better timing.

  19. On my way home today a young lady asked if I heard the news, this was the first I heard of Michael’s passing. In the 10 minutes it took me to rush home to see for myself, I overheard at least 5 conversations of so many people expressing their sadness, a group of guys going into a barbershop, people coming out of the subway, somebody’s radio blasting I’m Bad…his later years were tragic, but I think many people feel like we lost a distant relative today. It’s going to be a while before i can listen to any of his music though, don’t want to feel sad about losing his genius right now. fave MJ song, Wanna Be Startin Somethin-Michael was so fierce he could make up words and nobody questioned it-lol

  20. CAN ANYBODY TELL ME WHY FOX NEWS HAS HAD THE BEST COVERAGE OF MICHAEL’S DEATH??!?!?I think i am more shocked by that then by his death. The man made some TERRIBLE MISTAKES but damn his body hasnt been cold for 6 hours.Thank you FOX News (**body shivers**)

  21. I have no words..He was my childhood crush..I had all of his posters on my wall. Anytime I hear his music it always takes me to a happy place. The Off the Wall album was one of my faves.I hope he finds peace.

  22. I grew up with Mike, from the bell bottoms to the penny loafers and I was working on the middle part hair swoop. No matter what can be said, the man was a true entertainer, one of the greatest talents to ever grace the planet. Some of my greatest memories involve me, family and friends trying to emulate "the Michael Jackson." First the kick step to "I want you back", then the moonwalk and of course the Billie Jean hip roll, kick and turn. Yeah, never did it justice. I’m with you snob, whatever was left of my childhood is officially over. RIP, Michael. Thanks for the memories and the music.

  23. I feel like my next door neighbor died. I’m glad he can now be at peace because I don’t think he was ever really content. I was hoping for one more comeback, though…

  24. Motown 25 was the ISH…I was mesmerized…it was the best thing EVER!And Snob you hit the nail on the head with Can’t Stop ‘TIll You Get Enough…that’s my ISH…U wanna get my no dancing as on the dance floor? Throw on that or ‘Rock With U" and I’m there!R.I.P. Mike

  25. Like Nayo I can’t believe how saddened I am about the death of someone I never met but his music has been so much a part of my life. He was such an amazing talent. I danced along with the Thriller video for my kids tonight. If I hear "Ben" I think I’ll lose it.

  26. The only time in my life that I could be rightly accused of hating is when I was 4 years old and my friend had Michael Jackson’s iconic red jacket. I wanted one so bad.

  27. We’ve lost a true musical legend today. May he rest in peace. There will not be another artist that will parallel Michael Jackson, at least in this lifetime.

  28. Billie jean is favorite song, and I really liked the Off The Wall album. Michael’s pretty much always been my favorite artist of all time. I’m too young to have lived through the peak of his success, but I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time, to maybe 1984 and see the Victory Tour. May he rest in peace.

  29. Back in the day, when Mike was a little kid, every girl on my block wanted to marry him." Got to be there" is the song of my childhood dreams. I’ll always love his music. He is the king of pop.

  30. Actually, before Mike, name 1 or 2 rock pop artists that could actually sing AND dance. I mean really dance. Not like Elvis dance. I mean dance for real and sing. Bet you can’t. It’s cause he set the standard for all the others. James Brown maybe but did he win as many awards and set as many records? Maybe, I’m not sure.

  31. I agree Snob. I was in 4th 5th grade when Thriller came out, and I remember the Motown 25th anniversary, just watched a clip of it. MJ was so important when I was a kid. I got snarky about him around H.S. and didn’t keep up too much with his stuff after that (though I really liked Remember the Time and Scream). I was shocked when I heard the news. BET is doing an MJ marathon tonight and VH1 will have an all weekend tribute. I’m also scared and strangely repulsed that the evil Faux News is reported to have done good coverage. <eye brow raised, slight side eye>

  32. i look back with fond memories of the time i had a "debate" with my uncle (who was ten years older) on who was the better artist : michael jackson or james brown…i had to have been about 10 years old at the time…so, i’ve been a huge fan of michael’s for nearly 35 years….i am so sad, and i feel like i’ve been punched in the stomach…despite what went on with the kids sleeping in his bed (unforgiveable), i chose to remember him at his best which to me is everything up to "thriller"…rest in peace

  33. I agree with you Snob, I too feel as though I’ve lost a part of my childhood. As controversial as he had become later in his life, no one cannot deny the man’s musical brilliance. RIP Micheal.

  34. I completely have to agree with the person who said FOX has had the best coverage. I must say that I am very disappointed with how CNN handled the situation earlier today. The man hadn’t even been dead for a couple hours before they started to bring up all the problems he had.

  35. Also, I don’t think I’m as sad about his passing as I am about how we all know he was treated by the media in his last years. it just seems like he never had a break.

  36. Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer in my lifetime–I literally grew with he and his brothers, from the Jackson 5’s appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show to worldwide stardom. I was looking forward to his comeback. RIP Mike, you’ll talent and contributions to music will be sorely missed. Condolences to the Jackson Family.

  37. To Michael: Thank you my friend for teaching us how to remain humble with fame, how to be creative under pressure and how to use your talents to give back to the world. I choose to think about light you brought to the world. For those who judge: Let those without sin throw the stone.

  38. There is no doubt that his music is and will be forever influential. BUT the man was a disturbed individual and a child molester and for that I will not miss him.

  39. It’s crazy but over here in Italy, Fox does has better coverage than CNN. (!)I’m part of Gen X, I grew up with MJ from the Jackson 5 "ABC" album on. Part of me is angry with hot things turned out post Bad. Why didn’t anyone try to help him? Where the vultures too busy living off him?I’m going to remember him pre trials, surgeries, weird kisses with Lisa Marie Presley at the MTV awards, Webster, etc. He along with Prince and Madonna (all the same age, what was going on in 1958?) were the SHIT in the ’80 and built MTV. RIP MJ.

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