Michael Joseph Jackson: 1958 – 2009

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  1. IMy SO told me at 3am London time. I could not get back to sleep afterwards. I kept hearing "Billie Jean" in my head – one of my favourite MJ songs. Wow.RIP Michael. You were a trail blazer whose legacy will remain for many decades to come.

  2. I can still barely believe it… it feels like a part of my child hood kinda died…I loved that he would not just keep himself in any one genre. I loved Dirty Diana, and P.Y.T, Liberian girl, of course all the mainstream hits…Oh the cartoons! *

  3. Bad was a much better album than Thriller, and neither of the aforementioned comes close to the brilliance of Off The Wall.

  4. I can’t believe no one has mentioned ‘PYT’! That was my theme song in college, and I’m only 30. Watched several video marathons last night, but never got to see my other favorite ‘Smooth Criminal’. Since he’s been out of the lime light recently you could almost forget what a talent he truly was, but it all came back to me. RIP MJ.

  5. Oh and I forgot, I don’t want to see no stinkin’ Chris Brown copy cat tribute clips from the BET Awards (because I have no intention of watching the entire show). But you know they are going to be off the chain.

  6. RIP, Michael.We know all about his demons. He was a tortured soul. But, he was a genius. There will never be another one.

  7. When I was really little, I remember watching the documentary of thriller and I would always get nervous when the actual video would come on because the scene with him being possessed and those scary eyes made me scared shitless but I still couldn’t keep my eyes off of him because he was that damn talented and it didn’t hurt that he was cute when he didn’t have those crazy eyes. lol

  8. I, too, was completely floored that 1. FOX even covered his death and 2. that they were extremely classy in their coverage. I’m blown that folks are still bringing up the little kids thing. I could have sworn that he was acquitted of those charges. Also, no one takes into consideration that folks do lie in order to get paid (e.g. Robin Givens). Let this man RIP and stop with the crap.

  9. A true icon has passed. I just hate that the posers at BET will get their fake on and try to give the appearance of class long enough to honor him.

  10. I didn’t see Fox’s coverage, but CNN and MSNBC ran me away, and I had to take comfort in MTV’s coverage, which was quite respectful. It’s been a shock seeing VIDEOS on MTV once again….the depth and scope of Jackson’s talent, while I always knew..to SEE it, video after video, including old Jackson 5 clips…wow

  11. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? First of all, I’m absolutely floored that someone so young passed away. I’m not saying that Michael Jackson was a diety but I never thought of him as someone who would eventually die. I kind of imagine him like Elizabeth Taylor, just aging, hanging in the background, doing a little bit of charity work, and dodging death rumors. Michael’s music has been around since I was born (in 72). Everyone in my family liked him, his music, his brothers’ music and Janet’s music. My aunt was a Jacksons’ nut. I remember when she went to the Victory concert. She could have died the next day and though she lived a full life. Motown 25 was such a bonding for my entire family.I have refused to watch the news at all because I don’t want any of my memories of Michael to be tarnished. Do I think he was a child molestor? Maybe but i was never proven in court so I always reserve my judgement. Musically he was a genius. WIthout him or the Jackson 5 there would be no Meundo, New Edition, New Kids on the Block, ABC, Boyz II Men, NSYNC, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, Usher, Chris Brown (why isn’t he getting jail time?), Ne-Yo, Jodeci, ABC, etc…. The list goes on. If you dance & sing, you owe your career to Michael Jackson.Thanks for letting me share………………………………………………………………..

  12. I had to say it because I’m sick to death of seeing it. MJ ain’t hurt no kids!Last time I checked, he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. The accuser in the second trial has come forward and said he lied. People lie to get paid all the time. Especially when the mark is an ‘easy target.’I have no delusions about the man. He had issues and he was disturbed. But consider his world. Consider his life. His life has NEVER been normal. For 44 of his 50 years, he has been in the public eye, working hard to make other people happy. He was seeking happiness himself. His lost childhood most likely arrested his development. His memories of pain and abuse made him a tortured soul. I also seem to remember the man making it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most philanthropic celebrity of all time. USA for Africa? The Michael Jackson Burn Center? The Ryan White Foundation? Any of these ringing a bell folks?The man has died. The world has lost something special. For goodness sake, have some respect for the dead and let the man rest in peace.

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