L’Oreal Doesn’t Care About Black People (Or Arabs Or Asians)

You know who’s not good enough to shill shampoo for French cosmetics maker L’Oreal? Most of the people who read this blog. While they hired faces like Beyonce, Kerry Washingtion and Eva Longoria to convince women of color to buy their over-priced products, behind the make-up counter L’Oreal was a tad less “We Are the World.”

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L’Oréal, the French cosmetics giant, whose advertising campaigns proclaim “because you’re worth it,” was found guilty of racial discrimination for considering black, Arab and Asian women unworthy of selling its shampoo.

France’s highest court was told that the group had sought an all-white team of sales staff to promote Fructis Style, a haircare product made by Garnier, L’Oréal’s beauty division.

The word went out that Garnier’s hostesses should be BBR — “bleu, blanc, rouge” — the colours of the French flag. The expression is widely recognised in the French recruitment world as a code for white French people born to white French parents, a court was told, in effect excluding the four million or so members of ethnic minorities in France.

La Cour de Cassation, the equivalent of the US Supreme Court, said that the policy was illegal under French employment law, upholding a ruling given by the Paris Appeal Court in 2007.

The judgment was a significant blow to the image of the world’s biggest cosmetics group, which has spent millions of dollars in global advertising campaigns featuring stars such as Andie MacDowell, Eva Longoria, Penélope Cruz and Claudia Schiffer.

Wow. It seems like just yesterday when they were making the golden brown Beyonce, light, bright and almost white just to sell hair dye. Remember that?

(L’Oreal’s) image already suffered a battering when L’Oréal executives were forced to deny claims that they had lightened the singer Beyoncé Knowles’s skin for a campaign last year. The ruling also hinted at widespread prejudice among French shoppers since L’Oréal believed that they were more likely to buy shampoo from white sales staff, the court was told.

The ruling will fuel anger among black and Arab French people, who complain that they face widespread discrimination when seeking employment.

11 thoughts on “L’Oreal Doesn’t Care About Black People (Or Arabs Or Asians)

  1. um loreal’s product might work for beyonce *giggles* but they certainly dont work for me. I have never spent any money on thier products but i did get a whole bunch in a gift basket at christmas. Most of it was hair products so i had to promptly regift that lol

  2. For the record, ladies should be aware that L’Oreal also owns Mizani. Most of may not have been interested in Garnier Fructis, but Mizani is supposed to be "for us". I haven’t used their products in years, and now I never will again.

  3. Good to know @ MrsTThe French, racist??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! **slathering on the sarcasm**

  4. Loreal also owns the Soft sheen Carson haircare portfolio. I’ll just remind everyone of something a marketing/media client told me; companies disregard "us" because we run out and buy / do whatever we see the majority do. If by chance we make a big deal about something not being f"air or right", they’ll just make a donation to one of "our" causes and all is forgiven. Wake up sheeple! it’s a new day.

  5. I love that they use a woman (Beyonce) to sell me products that she most likely does not use, and even if she did, I’m not sure it would matter considering Beyonce left some poor horse’s butt cold and unprotected.

  6. L’Oreal has passable mascara and that’s about it. Their make up is about as creative as the stuff I had for my Kissing Barbie circa 1978. I’m a MAC fan all the way. Hiring Beyonce (fabulous but no sell here), Kerry Washington (can’t act) and Eva Longoria (we know her stylist is like L’Oreal who?) was a great move. Just like what Cover Girl did with Latifah.MAC is the only product I’ve come across where the make up artist behind the counter know a thing or 2 about colored girls skin. I am loyal because I get treated well. And most of the best sales folks are the men.Yes it costs more but I know when to slow my roll. L’Oreal should know if I can buy you unassisted in the local pharmacy then you get what you paid for.

  7. I wonder if L’Oreal is still working on that drug that’s supposed to change the shape of the hair follicle so that it will grow out in a different texture?Trust: If they patent that, ALL of this will be forgotten. Best buy your shares now.(nappy, drug-free, and staying that way)

  8. I don’t find this shocking the least bit.Those are the same people who made Beyonce look like a "negroid Jewish woman" in their ads

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