Hot Topics: Politicos Lacking Game and the Case Against President Perfect

Hot Topics is both the cornflakes and the milk!

Politico is wondering if Obama’s image as “Mr. Perfect” is a bad thing. After all, it didn’t work for my fair Mitt “Mittens” Romney. Of course, he’s an insincere bastard, but that’s why I love him so!

First Daughters get to “put a ring on it.” Figuratively, of course. They went to a Beyonce concert with mom.

The sexcapades of Gov. Sanford has one reader asking politicos, “Got game?” As in, she thinks they don’t have any. And she’s probably right.

Moamar HEARTS Condi. The Libyan leader hearts her soooo much he doused her in finery and gave her a locket to remember him by. One EGOTASTICAL locket.

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