Black, White and Read on The Snob

Starting next week there will be a new feature on The Snob as part of our efforts to increase the intellectual discourse between people of different backgrounds. To kick the series off, we will be starting with the Pryor and Wilder’s Racial Rainbow Chats which are exactly what you think they are — conversations about race between myself, my white friends and others. If you don’t know who Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are … well, shame on you. Use the damn Google. But the point of the series is to get issues out in the open and get people talking.

I’m also extending the invitation to these chats to other people who’d like to get their debate on about hot button issues affecting African Americans and the other groups they encounter. Anyone and everyone is invited for a chat. From black Muslims to the black elite, Asians, whites, feminists, black immigrants, all kinds of menfolk, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Latinos, homosexuals, Christians, whomever. If you ever wanted to debate me on an issue and see it all over the blog, NOW’S THE CHANCE!

To get in on the chats, just email me at Let’s blow some minds together.

2 thoughts on “Black, White and Read on The Snob

  1. If people have google to see who Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder is, then I’m in the wrong chat room. Hee, hee.

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