You’re Not Fat, You’re Just “Big Boned” Now Proven As Real Thing By Science

This is what a “fat” woman looks like. Me, in college. at 155 lbs. I’m HUGE according to my BMI. Visually though … not so much.Of course by “Big Boned,” they mean higher muscle mass or a large body frame.

From Science Daily:

The body mass index (BMI) and waistline measurement overestimate obesity in African-Americans, according to a new study. The results, which were presented at The Endocrine Society’s 91st Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., suggest that conventional methods for estimating body fat may need to become race-specific.

“Compared to Caucasians, African-Americans of the same age, gender, waist circumference, weight and height may have lower total and abdominal fat mass,” said principal investigator and study leader Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, professor of medicine and chief, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis. “These findings argue for a review of the existing cutoffs for healthy BMI and waist circumference among African-Americans” …

Therefore, body fat is likely to be lower in blacks than in whites of the same weight and height, Dagogo-Jack said. He said their data suggest that muscle mass may be higher in blacks, which would explain the dissociation between weight expressed as BMI and measured body fat.

“If our results are confirmed in a larger study population by other researchers, the obesity field will need to develop ethnic-specific cutoffs for what values represent overweight and obesity,” he concluded.

So THAT’S why when I was 242 lbs no one actually believed I was 242 lbs and why when I was 165 lbs everyone thought I was 132 lbs. I can’t help it if all my weight is carried in my ass! I knew I wasn’t that fat! In your FACE, body mass index!

Side note: My baby sister, aka Baby Snob, who is 4’11” and only about 120 lbs is considered borderline obese by her BMI. You could pick her up and throw her, she’s so tiny! SCREW YOU, BMI! You don’t know know shizz about black people!

27 thoughts on “You’re Not Fat, You’re Just “Big Boned” Now Proven As Real Thing By Science

  1. Damn!! No wonder even when I was at my slimest the scale still gave me crazy number. My inner Martin Lawrence, ala Boomerang is suspects a plot all along to put us down but I’ll assume it was just lack of information and not done on purpose to make us feel bad.Thank you Snob!

  2. I don’t go by any weight chart. I know the weight I’m comfortable at and use that. I also look lighter than I am on most occasions because I’ve never had a big stomach.

  3. Ok, so that was all kinds of ungrammatical, meant to say "the scale stil gave me A crazy number," and that "My inner Martin Lawrence, ala Boomerang suspects," (not is suspects). Proof reading is good!

  4. The BMI blows and always has. It doesn’t measure muscle mass, for example, so if you’re a weight lifter or other athlete, it classifies you as fat when you’re really in great shape. I pay no attention to the crappy thing.

  5. BMI estimation has always been a sham. I remember in college for health class we had to get a physical checkup. I was 5’8" and 130lbs and told I was borderline obese, my friend who is 5’10" and wore a size 4 was told she was "perfect" Even she looked at the nurse like she was crazy ("I am totally underweight").I too carry nearly all of my 180lbs in my butt. I run and it gets no smaller, just harder, which I guess is fine ; )

  6. This isn’t the first study on the issue. I remember a study where they said a black woman could have a BMI as high as 27 and still be healthy.And as a woman who gains muscle (and fat) really easily and carries quite a bit of that weight in my ass I know BMI is screwy. At 140lbs I’m borderline overweight according to the BMI even though I’m a size 6 and people think I’m 125l/130lbs.SMH.

  7. i’m 5’6 and a 145 pounds except no one ever beleives me. I’m basically a skinny chick with a big ass :/ lol

  8. I do not think you are fat at all, I think you need to wear some lip gloss and dress a little nicer. You are far from fat!

  9. eh, aside from bmi big boned is beautiful, but fat is unhealthy. I hope women don’t use this as an excuse for being too big.

  10. When I was a size 6(operative word was) I weighed about 155 on a good day. I am 5’4" No one believed me, especially men. I always hated getting weighed @ school and by doctors b/c they always would tell me that I am obese. Unfortunately I carry most of my weight in my thighs and my boobs. I am an hourglass( a very large one but still an hourglass). I don’t even want to see a scale now that I am a 12/14. I may cry-lol.

  11. As a former athlete, I had and continue to have the issue of people misjudging my weight. Muscle seems to hold more weight than fat, so if you have muscles people will think you weigh less than you actually do. People always assume that I am about 20+ pounds less than I actually am. To much weight is put on weight. I think it should be more about the health of a person – their cholesterol, their waist ratio, their eating habits, etc. I stopped weighing myself about 10 years ago and only worry about the way my clothes fit and how healthy I feel. When I go to the doctor I am actually disgusted by the nurses and doctors who don’t understand looking at me that I am going to weigh more than other people of my seeming size.

  12. Sorry…I just know that is five minutes there’ll be another auntie or "friend" to comment about my abundance of booty-meat.

  13. "If our results are confirmed in a larger study population by other researchers, the obesity field will need to develop ethnic-specific cutoffs for what values represent overweight and obesity," he concluded.What a crock. Remember when Danielle posted the "Nowassatall" video? That was a black woman. I’m white and have the so-called "black butt". I’m not saying that it’s all random, there may be some typical differences, but we’re all individuals and stupid scales like BMI don’t take that into account. Just like there are big black lips and skinny white lips, and then there’s Jada Pinkett-Smith and Angelina Jolie.The day I can walk up a flight of stairs without puffing I will know I’m at least on my way to getting in shape. Numbers are only relevant as they compare ME to ME, this year to last year, this month to last month. Comparing ME to some mythical standard is just ignorant.

  14. Baby Snob has it doubly hard – BMI gets very screwy for extremely tall and extremely short people. It was originally derived from actuarial data and the extreme ends of the height bell curve were underrepresented and statistically less valid.

  15. Bless you Snob! As a big-assed, big-boned Eye-tal-yan girl who has never weighed less than 135*, I salute you! xoxoxox* except for all those years of bulimia but that’s another misinformed social issue.

  16. As the mother of a four foot tall 48 pound five year old boy I can tell you that it starts early. Blue Cross charges us extra for his premium. They claim he’s fat. Have I mentioned that I can literally count the boy’s ribs? He eats like a grown man, but is in constant motion. It’s impossible to keep weight on him. His father is 6’2, I’m 5’9, he’s predicted to be 6’5 as an adult. Clearly their scales don’t accommodate tall children, let alone adults. I base my weight on how my clothes feel and how I look. As a woman of a certain age if I weighed what they say I should way I’d look like Sarah Jessica Parker. So not a good look.

  17. What this study doesnt take in consideration is the dietary habits of many African Americans vs White Americans, many post 60s childrens body mass index is impacted by Hormone and Genetic modified foods, and introduction of fast foods into dietary staple, and lack of PE programs in schools.And, black folks need to stop trying to find studies that make excuses for obesity, poor eating habits, and lack of proper exercise!

  18. @ swiv umm. get at you about what exactly?where to buy jeans? how Aisha Tyler’s music video didn’t personally resonate? how to claim the federal stimulus money that available for the bootylicious?I don’t mean no harm so can I jus say that your post kinda smells like a lead up to something strange.i’m jus sayin…

  19. Beautiful Snob,Is it just ME, or did I miss it? I’m of the persuasion (non-sexual here) that maybe, maybe, many of the commenter’s missed the fact you wrote this very snarkly, maybe even mocking yerself a little about this? Just a little?I’m awaiting the “Culturally, racially, ethnically, historically disadvantaged, Affirmative Action, ancestral memory” version of “Health Standards”. It will include Mo’nique as the covergirl of the picture of a properly proportioned “healthy” American black woman.Then ya all can have some “healthy” Self-Esteem wit it too! “See, Girl! I ain’t FAT!!! I the PICTURE of health!” LOL! (Note: I gotta specify “American” black women, ‘cause that ish ain’t happenin’ in Sudan).

  20. A am verry thankfull for your post! I'm hispanic and always been at least 40 pounds over weight, i know i have some weight to lose that is fat but i know is not 40 pound of it. Im just losing it because i went to the docs office and he told me i was unhelthy at 5"5 and 165 pounds for a 22 year old mom. BUT I FEEL GREAT! i do have hips and am big in the chest area, and for some reason my legs are toned and people ask me if i play sports, yeah right! a mother of 2 play sports? no i do not think so! atleast not me. Right now i'm a size 10 but never been a size 5 or 9. I just went crazzy when the DR told me i was OBESE! Eather way thanks, your post makes a lot of sence and i do feel better.

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