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Hot Topics: Ain’t No First Lady Like the One We Got and Shep Smith Gets Hate Mail For Speaking Out Against Hate

Hot Topics are sizzlin’ and taste best served en fuego.

Robin Givhan says people weren’t ready to smell what Barack’s wife’s been cooking. In a column all about the audacity of Michelle Obama, Givhan argues that nothing in popular culture had prepared America for a black First Lady.

They hate him because he speaks the truth. FOX News’ most interesting TV anchor Shepard Smith is getting hate mail because he called out the wackadoos who write in hate mail about the President to FOX News. But he sez he won’t be moved and belongs at FOX, even if his frank, center-right commentary pisses of the hoi polloi.

It’s black on black academic violence — but not really. A group is claiming immigrant blacks are “over-represented” on elite college campuses, but last time I checked EVERY minority group is scarse as hell on those bastions of the white rich male heirarchy. Is this just another “FIGHT! FIGHT!” topic meant to pit so-called “native” blacks against the rest of the diaspora? Methinks YES!

Someone busted out the “Flat Iron of God” for a recent playground building activity in San Francisco. That hair. I just want to touch that bob to feel what that flat iron can do!

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2 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Ain’t No First Lady Like the One We Got and Shep Smith Gets Hate Mail For Speaking Out Against Hate

  1. sandy says:

    I still want to know why the city’s Mayor: Gavin wasn’t on stage with Michelle or why he didn’t at least greet the girls on the Cable Car. He has snubbed the Obamas before. He’s got issues. When Michelle does appearances in Washington the mayor in Washington is much more congenial. I know Mr. Newson probably had some other engagement(a cable car dedication, from what I heard) but he could at least make some type of showing. And don’t get me started on how he’s trying to mess up Kamala Harris’ chance at Attorney General…

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