New White House About As Diverse As The Old One

Some interesting diversity figures from WashPo about the Obama Administration versus the Bush Administration. As in, they’re interestingly the same:

A National Journal study of 366 top Obama administration officials has found that 52 percent are white males, down from 59 percent at this point in President George W. Bush‘s first term. Eleven percent of those officials are African Americans, compared with 10 percent under Bush. The Journal assessment, out today, said 8 percent of Obama’s top folks are Hispanic, compared with 6 percent for Bush. Asian Americans totaled 4 percent of Obama’s team and 3 percent of Bush’s, according to the Journal.

Overall, given the demographics of the Obama vote, the percentages don’t differ all that much between the two administrations, at least so far. The study also found that 83 percent of Obama’s officials had government experience, and 71 percent at the federal level — figures in the same range as Bush’s picks.

9 thoughts on “New White House About As Diverse As The Old One

  1. I read this story over the weekend. Since I wasn’t expecting big changes anyway, I’m not disappointed.

  2. We should expect better, but we never DEMAND better. Does this really surprise anyone?Interestingly, this blurb fails to note one huge difference between the two regimes. Bush had several blacks in cabinet level positions (Condi, Colin, Alphonso Jackson, Rod Price). Obama has but one (Holder).I’m obviously not equating blackness with competence (ie: Paige), just as I wouldn’t automatically equate whiteness with competence (ie: Arne Duncan). But the fact remains that Bush, as much as he’s been maligned, at least gave some Negroes a CHANCE to eff’ up. Obama… no so much. Say "race doesn’t matter" all you want, but I doubt a black Secty of Ed would have allowed funding for HBCU’s to subside at such a dire economic time.Again, you can expect all you want, but until black people demand better (ie: peep how the LGBT community is in an uproar over Obama’s recent slight) we won’t get jack.

  3. I thought the gay/lesbian community was in an uproar about policy. I haven’t seen any policies of the Obama administration that negatively affect people in general, or me in particular. Can’t really speak to the issue of HBCUs and funding or hypotheticals about whether it would’ve slipped or not. I guess my real question is, what is it exactly that black people want? The LGBT community have very direct clear-cut goals, at least at the moment, gay marriage and the end of DADT. Do black people want more black cabinet level positions? Or more black people in positions of power? I keep hearing people talk about having their needs addressed, and I’m really not clear what those needs are. Right now my most pressing need is healthcare and economic stability. It would appear that the president is addressing those issues. Do I need a black Secretary of Education? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not sure how that would directly impact me and mine. HBCUs are hardly on my radar scope, I didn’t attend one. They weren’t interested in poor cullud girls from North Alabama at the time. Which is kind of odd. I always thought that was their purpose, but maybe not. Bottom line for me is that I’m interested in the Administration’s policies, not whether or not that Administration looks like ‘We are the World.’ Would it be nice? I suppose, but it’s not something that impacts me directly. I think things are much simpler when one only has one or two issues to rally around. Perhaps that’s the problem, or maybe it actually indicates progress. I don’t know.

  4. I knew that President George Bush’s administration was diverse. Diversity is good, yet policy does matter as Roslyn pointed out.@ Averagebro how did President Obama slight the LGBT community?

  5. how good diversity is is debatable. diversity doesn’t automatically mean good or better.

  6. Well, I’m exceptionally proud that there is a Black Attorney General. It seems that those who surround him are Black and It depends on how the Blacks he has appointed and all the others meet his expectations. Bush may have had these people but were they just there for show or did they actually do something. Maybe Ron Christie did cause he loves them like crazy. were his eyes cocked before he went to the White House?


  8. I'm sitting here trying to figure out, what did they expect? Whats next? I am disappointed that there are no weekend barbecues with a snoop and the gang gettin crunk on the white house lawn?At least try to keep it real !And those complaining? Are you qualified for any of those staffing positions at the white house? And did you apply?

  9. Hi AverageBro,There were a number of Afican American and other minority candidates for positions, whose confirmation the Repubs killed. Van Jones for one. The GOP has been quite tenacious in keeping as many job vancancies as possible in the Obama administration.

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