And We’re Back!

The Snob had a fantastic weekend with the Arkansas branch of The Snob family. She got a nice, looooong lecture from Granny Snob about how I was not married and not with child, then lectured me about the merits of adoption. (To be fair, she delivered the first half the beat down to poor Baby Snob once she learned Baby was boyfriend-less.) Luckily, Granny Snob got her habitual baby-stealing fix at the local grocery store when we turned around and saw her acting very much like she was back in Newport, picking up and kissing some stranger’s sweet-faced kid. I don’t know if she asked first, but she’s a grandma. No one tells her what to do anymore. Not even strangers.

But that woman and babies. I swear. She had nine kids and a ka-billion grand and great-grand kids. You think she’d be tired of children at 81, but noooooo. Where’s my MORE great-grandbabies, Snob? Whew. Anyway, we had a good time. Back to “bidness.”

3 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. I was always jealous that you guys got to be close to Grandma and I barely know her. Thanks for the story, it offers insight about her.

  2. @ KellyHey. If you want I can call you up and yell at you (with or without curse words) for an hour! Granny is HILARIOUS with the fussing.

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