White House Sez They’re Not Looking to Replace Roland Burris. Suuuuuure They Aren’t.

The White House tried to shut down some gossip talk that they were angling to support (or attempt to convince) Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to run for the senate seat currently occupied by one fine George Jeffersonian man, Mr. Opportunity!, the “Say-Pay Kid” — Roland Burris.

You see, Madigan had a meeting at the White House and tongues went to wagging! What could that mean? Was the Obama Administration trying to get rid of my dear, embarrassing, ex-Gov. Blagojevich-baiting Uncle Burris? But I love laughing at him? He’s HILARIOUS! Why would they ever want to let that man go?

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“The president is not going to pick a candidate in the Illinois Senate race,” (White House Press Secy. Robert) Gibbs said, yet in the same breath went on to praise Madigan, “(the) president has a very long relationship with the attorney general dating back to their time in the state senate and has enormous respect for what she accomplished there and has as attorney general and think she’d be a terrific candidate.”

Not outright disputing the notion that the meeting had been called to help convince Madigan to run, Gibbs rather pled ignorance on who prompted the meeting, “I don’t know whether she got called in or she came in.” (Political Punch)

OK. That’s fine. I just want you to know that you are officially on notice for “Uncle Burris Extermination Watch,” Obama Administration! I mean. If you get rid of him, how will Hardball’s Chris Matthews justify his continued reportage on Blago? He NEEDS that man in office, America! Just look at this insane interview he gave him several weeks back.

There’s TWO MORE CLIPS of this! Think of the media, Barack! What about them? The man is effing GOLDEN!

2 thoughts on “White House Sez They’re Not Looking to Replace Roland Burris. Suuuuuure They Aren’t.

  1. Burris is manna from heaven for the news media. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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