The Snark You Save Could Be Your Own: Snob-A-Thon 2009


Glitter is totally hustling the lines for The Snob in her efforts to take The Black Snob to the next level! You say you don’t know what the next level is? Why, it’s paved with more interactivity, more features, investigative stories and a move to Washington, D.C., that’s what! The Snob is doing her part working two jobs and manning the blog. Don’t you want to kick down a few dollars to help your neighborhood snark dealer?

Sister, brother? Can you spare a dime! I promise to never ever punish you again with Glitter and Chuckles like I did after the election ended. Remember that? Yeah. Yeah, you hated that, didn’t you? Wait! Don’t remember that! Think of the good times! Donate!

Learn more about the Snob-A-Thon by clicking here. Email Dorothy at to become an advertiser/sponsor. Click the button above to donate.

One thought on “The Snark You Save Could Be Your Own: Snob-A-Thon 2009

  1. Beautiful Snob,Give me the list, OK?At a $5 donation, I get an acknowledgement in the comment section, right?$10, I get 2 of those, huh?$50 I get an e-mail address?100 bucks a phone number? $1,000 a DATE?!Come on, what’s the "payback". Every biggie congressional "donor" gets SOMETHING in return (no taxes, lol). If I’m gonna hit that PayPal button, I, like, gotta know what’s in it for ME- Umor Noono … er, somethin’.So break it Down, Girl! Give us the goods on this. What’s up for offer?PS. I’d do $5,000 if It’d get me a permanent spot on the (returning) Great Wall Of Sexy. At the top. With a hyperlink. So I could get a date from one of yer fabulous readers. But I Gots me standards on dates, though. Female. Black. Uh, that about covers it. Oh, no attached guys; I hate gettin’ beat up, OK?Personal Disclaimer: I am NOT an Internet weirdo. Well, maybe missin’ a few spark plugs, but nothin’ malicious. So, this is not to be misinterpreted (unless you really want too) as a Serious request. I really think you, Beautiful Snob, can appreciate random, snarkly, hyperbole. And, AND, the List is NOT intended to delve into the sordid deeps of anything sexual of nature. Uh, unless … LOL! No, this ISN’T “Indecent Proposal”. Besides, Demi Moore an ugly, skinny white chick … I just saying …

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