How The Obama Administration Is Like Porridge

To Conservatives he’s too hot! (That Socialist!) To the Liberals he’s too cold! (Gays want more love!) If you’re a moderate you’re still wondering if he can fix this economy. For the 60 percent who love President Obama — he’s just right.

Unless you’re George W. Bush.

Ballsy-ass statements after the jump!

“I told you I’m not going to criticize my successor,” he said. “I’ll just tell you that there are people at Gitmo that will kill American people at a drop of a hat and I don’t believe that persuasion isn’t going to work. Therapy isn’t going to cause terrorists to change their mind.”

The critique extended to Obama’s domestic policy.

“Government does not create wealth,” Bush said. “The major role for the government is to create an environment where people take risks to expand the job rate in the United States.”

Asked during a question-and-answer session if he thought his successor’s policies were “socialist,” Bush began saying “depends on…” then stopped and concluded, “We’ll see.” (Huffington Post)

… Said the man who left office with the largest national debt ever, who grew the government larger than his predecessor (Homeland Security, anyone?), gave out no bid contracts, kicked off the bank bailouts, started a war under false pretenses, was in charge during the nightmare that was Hurricane Katrina and is generally not well received by anyone, even members of his own party. Yes. THAT GUY had something NEGATIVE to say.

Me thinks someone’s got themselves a case of the Dick Cheneys. Hey, Bushie! Shaddditup!

12 thoughts on “How The Obama Administration Is Like Porridge

  1. Interesting that you wait until the day after Obama’s first serious slip in the polls to go on a Bush-Derangement tirade. Just a tad bit predictable, I would say.

  2. Half moon, if we allowed ourselves – everyday could be a Bush Tirade day. It’s like getting over a bitter, bitter divorce. Just when you think you’re over it, you hear his voice and all the bile comes rushing back. In response to the poll numbers and GW-From AP: "The public also appeared more optimistic about the nation’s economic future in the Journal-NBC poll that it did a few weeks earlier — with Americans still more likely to blame the George W. Bush administration for a federal deficit expected to reach a record $1.8 trillion this year."

  3. @ halfmoonI’m totally flattered that you think I told George W. Bush to criticize the president so I could write about it and criticize him! I had no idea I had such power! I could have swore I saw a news item (as he’d sworn not to say anything about the president) and jumped on it. BUT OF COURSE it’s a calculated move on my part to bolster Obama’s approval ratings via one singular blog by an impoverished person. Of course!BTW: Newsflash. I’m an Obama supporter who doesn’t like Bush. Seriously. What did you expect from this blog? Do you go on RedState and ask them why they call the Dems socialists? I mean. You’re kind of pointing out the obvious here. I don’t care for the man and I give my opinion for a living. It seems a little silly to point me out as a Bush not-liker when it is patently obvious that I am.DON’T LIKE BUSH! AND I ALMOST NEVER WRITE ABOUT HIM! You know? If that wasn’t obvious enough.

  4. That’s alright, hopefully and he and Cheney talk themselves in to pissing enough Dems off and Obama enough (though he does seem slow to anger, I bet when he gets hot, he gets hot) and then some investigations start. For his sake and ours he better not go to any foreign countries or be careful where he goes, b/c he might just get the Pinochet treatment. Would serve him right but then we’d have to go rescue his sorry behind which would make things worse. Jerk. He needs to go back to tending his tumbleweeds in Crawford and getting on poor Laura’s nerves.

  5. I’m aware of where you stand, as I’m sure you are me. What I don’t get is why a statement that Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, insert basically any business CEO here could just have easily said is a big deal, even to the likes of poor little you. Not to mention the fact he was taliking to "his people" and resisted oppurtunities form the crowd to go further. This is certainly not a Cheney moment by any means. My larger point, I think, is that it seems each time the seas get a little stormy for Obama supporters like yourself it’s time to go bash bush. Even an impoverished seeminly unimportant blog like this one gets in on the act. Also, apparently your quest for diverslty amongst your readers has fallen by the wayside. So count me out. Take care

  6. Danielle you are BLESSED going in and going out! I speak a Financial Blessing! no, I DECREE it! I Pray that Blessing’s will began to come from the North, South, East and West* and HALFMOON, be careful you never know who is reading these comment’s! and every negative word that you have written, I destroy it and send it back to the PIT of HELL from which it came! Bush has a nerve!!! he is running around trying to cause discord! parent’s have lost their children in a UNJUST WAR! and yet he is allowed to STRUT around happy go lucky, and we the people are letting him get by with it, he has caused all of this MISERY! HALFMOON you have a nerve to ATTACK DANIELLE for reporting the TRUTH, their is no doubt you are a REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE, and you are probably AFRICAN AMERICAN! and you are probably sitting pretty! for if you were SUFFERING, you would be on this comment form screaming IMPEACHMENT from the top of your LUNG’S! but whatever race you are, the truth is their are hungry, homeless, people in AMERICA, and most of the blame is on BUSH!

  7. @ MattieWhile I appreciate your enthusiasm, no need to jump on Halfmoon. We’re just having a healthy disagreement. If he or she was unhappy with my reply (which was extra snarky to match his/hers initial comment that I thought was a tad annoying), that is really up to them. No biggie. I try to be fair, but I don’t like it when people make gross generalizations about what I write or comes out of left field with complaints about topics I barely touch on (Re: George Bush). But Halfmoon is very much entitled to his/her opinion. It wasn’t an unforgivable offense. It wasn’t even an offense. Personally, I hope they come back eventually and rejoin the debate. So thanks, but we’re all good here. Just a little typographical fisticuffs. Nothing major.

  8. DANIELLE, thank you for your information, I think i may have went too far with my comment, but, when HALFMOON, was being critical of your WEBSITE I guess i became a little defensive of you with my comment, so I will take back each and every word I wrote, and that include the prayer as well, so thank you.

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