Hot Topics: Angry Sitcom Moms and Criticizing the Prez

Hot Topics! So blinding my eyes! They burn!!!

When does the presidential honeymoon end and the debate begin? One reader wants to know just how much time has to pass before it’s open season to hash over the work of the Obama Administration. Six months? A year? How long is long enough?

Aunt Viv is all kinds of pissed at Big Willie from Philly. And after all these years too! Seems Janet Hubert of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame has decided to publish a book about her experiences on the show. But it’s mostly a chance to rehash how she felt Will Smith derailed her career.

Barack Obama is a MURDERER! (Of flies.) Check out the link to some hot, presidential, bug-killin’ action. You know? Unless you haven’t already seen it the one-billion times they showed it on TV.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Angry Sitcom Moms and Criticizing the Prez

  1. OPRAH did a show once about DARK SKINNED BLACK kid’s and LIGHT SKINNED BLACK kid’s, oprah hung tough, she tried her best to build up the darker skinned kid’s esteem, we all know how OPRAH is, and we know their is no way in the world OPRAH has a SKIN PREFERENCE, not OPRAH WINFREY!!! well at the end of the show, the kid’s were all gathered together, OPRAH had a VERY dark skinned young lady by her side and she had a light skinned young lady with long curly hair by her side, and guess who she gave the microphone to at the end of the show to say a few word’s? well, let’s see, it was the LIGHT SKINNED young lady with the LONG CURLY HAIR! the DARK skinned young lady expression changed from HAPPY to SAD, my heart went out to her, and this young lady spoke well and held her head high! this STUFF go’s on all the time, we are our own worst enemy’s!

  2. To iseeissePreach it sister!! Oprah is a fake and hypcorite yet black women just ‘love’ her I don’t get it.

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