Carlos Watson Gets Hour on MSNBC! (And Rick Sanchez Gives Me Brain Damage)

Of course, Carlos doesn’t get a big fancy primetime show. (Yet you can watch Keith Olbermann three times a night and Lock Up ALL WEEKEND LONG!) He gets the 11 a.m. news block to watch over, but that’s nothing to sniff at.

He runs the site The Stimulist (which is an awesome site) and is an all around cool and wonderfully good looking fellow. (Google Stalk candidate, maybe?) Although one reader who wrote me about this move complained this could cut into his valued “Tamron Time.”

Watch Carlos in action on Morning Joe after the jump.

While, big ups for Carlos, and I’m looking forward to him unleashing his inner newsman awesomeness, I have to vent about opinion people reading the news for a moment. This is nothing against Carlos. Just a general observation in reference to two … well, mostly one … news person who drives me nuts.

You see? I like my news read with vim and vigor and none of your opinion (David Schuster). I like a lively news person who makes a news reading feel like grand theater. (And doesn’t sound like a Muppet … like David Schuster.) Like Scott Pelley or Dan Rather or Ted Koppel or Ann Curry. I LOVE Ann Curry’s insane intensity. Robin Roberts is always awesome and Diane Sawyer is divine. Even FOX News’ Shep Smith can be 12 kinds of incredible some days (although his opinion can drift into a story, but he’s no bloviator).

Of course, keeping it TO YOURSELF has gone by the wayside in some cases (Rick Sanchez). When I think of the worst offender (Rick Sanchez), I just want to strangle (Rick Sanchez) because he can be a little loud and pushy and arrogant (RICK SANCHEZ!) and it’s sometimes really inappropriate.

Tamron and Carlos and the gang aren’t comically bad like RICK FRICKIN’ SANCHEZ (why won’t you get off my TV?), so I’m looking forward to checking Watson out at 11. Hopefully he’ll be a wonderful accompaniment during the day to Tamron’s afternoon newsdesk tenacity and her surgically perfected haircut.

That said, did MSNBC ever find that “organic host” at 10 p.m. they were looking for? (No.) Because, um, I’m still not seeing Alison Stewart on my TV every night?

To Carlos, I apologize for going into a Rick Sanchez rant in the middle of my “Yay, black people on the news” post but … I’m sorry. He just DRIVES ME CRAZY!

15 thoughts on “Carlos Watson Gets Hour on MSNBC! (And Rick Sanchez Gives Me Brain Damage)

  1. "…and Lock Up ALL WEEKEND LONG!"LMAO!It’s either a variation of that or them crazy "mystery" stories/docs.

  2. Ditto on the DVRness. And yes, I too long for the days when we got straight news, no chaser, no opinions, no commentary, no "takes"… the news is exhausting these days.

  3. He is fiiiiiiine…..Can we stalk him Please? He is also really intelligent and sounds like he has a heart for ‘fam’…All this makes him the PERFECT object of the snobinistas affection.

  4. Since I’m on the west coast I get to watch Carlos every morning before I got to work and its definately an enjoyable hour, though I do miss Tamron!

  5. I love this blog, and I love me some Carlos W.I’m new here, say hi everyone.What about Don Lemon from CNN? Liked him during the election, now I feel like he’s stalking viewers on social networks. Do more of your mini specials Don.

  6. Carlos is improving as anchor and I’m beginning to be able to watch him. I do love my Tamron.

  7. I love Rick Sanchez but I’ll give him up if you promise Ron Christie will never, ever appear on my television again.

  8. @ LarryDude, if I could get Ron Christie off the TV, I would MARRY Rick Sanchez and let him read the news to me every night.

  9. I must have been under a rock and I watch MSNBC daily (though I’m no fan of Morning Joe)! Somehow, I have managed to miss him. Well, he’s a keeper and I agree with JannyD "He is fiiiiiiine…..Can we stalk him Please?" ps This is my first time posting, but I read your blog daily….love it! love it! love it!….Keep up the excellant work.

  10. Carlos Watson is exceptionally bright and I don’t care what anyone has to say about opinion news…guys…there are people out there giving us their opinion all day long, let the brother put his pile in the stack…come on folks! We’re down with the plan, we see more than what meets the eye…I will set my Tivo for Carlos!

  11. CARLOS WATSON is no JOKE, I woke up early this morning and turned on MSNBC, I had no idea CARLOS had his own show, good for him, he is not afraid to speak his mind, I wish he was on in the evening, a couple of week’s ago, he was on with one of the lady anchor’s and they brought up something RUSH LIMBAUGH had said, CARLOS gave his opinion, the lady anchor laughed and told CARLOS to calm down, CARLOS came back with ( NO, I’m not afraid of RUSH LIMBAUGH! then he said, RUSH LIMBAUGH, RUSH LIMBAUGH, RUSH LIMBAUGH!!!!! so that go’s to show you what type of anchor he will be!

  12. This guy Carlos was talking crap about Michael Jackson. I seen and heard of him the first time I say him on MSNBC. I asked myself, "whi is this guy". The next thing I heard, that he was talking crap about Michael Jackson. So he has lost credibility instantly with me, and I see why he has his own hour on MSNBC. I guess he is a buck dancing Uncle Tom. And yes, I LOVE TAMRON HALL.

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