Day: June 18, 2009

And the Washington Post has the pictures! Everyone go “squeee!”

Melody Barnes, President Obama’s domestic policy adviser, married Marland Buckner on June 13. Buckner is a former chief of staff to Harold Ford Jr., back when he was in the House of Representatives. They got married in Washington, D.C. at the People’s Congregational United Church of Christ and it was beautiful ya’ll.

Just look!

More pictures after the jump.

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Of course, Carlos doesn’t get a big fancy primetime show. (Yet you can watch Keith Olbermann three times a night and Lock Up ALL WEEKEND LONG!) He gets the 11 a.m. news block to watch over, but that’s nothing to sniff at.

He runs the site The Stimulist (which is an awesome site) and is an all around cool and wonderfully good looking fellow. (Google Stalk candidate, maybe?) Although one reader who wrote me about this move complained this could cut into his valued “Tamron Time.”

Watch Carlos in action on Morning Joe after the jump.

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