No Matter What They Do, It’s Still A Barrell O’ Suck

Remember when CNN employed Roland Martin as Campbell Brown’s seat-filler and folks bemoaned it? Well, Campbell returned. They renamed the show. And … sacre bleu! It’s actually doing WORSE!

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Campbell Brown‘s 8pmET CNN program had just 69,000 viewers in the A25-54 demo Friday night – the program’s lowest ever. In fact, it was the lowest demo viewership for CNN at 8pmET since Christmas Day 2007.

The previous program low was 115,000, which occurred May 20 when Roland Martin was filling in. Brown’s previous low was last Wednesday, with 125,000 viewers.

Brown took over anchoring the 8pm hour in March 2008 when the show was called “Election Center.” The show morphed into “Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull” in October, a response to her 8pm competitors on Fox News and MSNBC. When she returned from maternity leave earlier this month the show was renamed “Campbell Brown.” (TV Newser)

 Look away! Look away from the carnage before you turn into a pillar of salt!

4 thoughts on “No Matter What They Do, It’s Still A Barrell O’ Suck

  1. There is something slightly annoying about Campbell, I can’t quit put my finger what it is though.

  2. I think part of Campbell’s problem is that she struggles with her political identity. She’s married to a conservative bigwig and tries hard to straddle the fence in an attempt to stay fair and balanced. "A friend to all is a friend to none," as the saying goes.

  3. "Cutting Through the Bull" and "No Bias, No Bull" are such ridiculous names. Makes me think that the show might be slightly bull shitty if she always feels the need to assure people that it’s not. And yes, I’ve watched it, but I didn’t find any of the news particularly ground-breaking.

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