Because We’re Broke. (But We Have A Plan!)

We’re down to the last bottle, but we’re not out.Dear readers,

It has been the most awesome almost two years with The Black Snob. We’ve raked in more than 1.5 million page views, nearly a million visitors, gotten ourselves on Nightline, gone to Harvard, pulled off an amazingly successful East Coast Tour thanks to Dot (pictured above … kinda) and written tons of funny and poignant articles about pop and politics.

Alas, all is not perfect in Snobland. Myself, your editor Danielle B. and Dot, my erstwhile business partner, are ready to take the site to the next level, but … ahem … are lacking in the funds department.

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You see? The site is just on the cusp of really taking off. Of being huge! We’re talking more interactivity, a larger blog community, more writers, volunteers, investigative reporting, forums, more “Snob Parties” for readers looking to network, reinvestment in the site, advertising, videos — heck, I’m even planning n’ plotting a move to Washington, D.C.!

But … all that costs cold hard cash.

Dot, you remember Dot? Is my business-minded guru-manager-producer-professional hand-holder person cooking up ways to take my writing and the site to the next level. But myself and Dot live modest lives. She, trying to get her consulting business off the ground in D.C., and me, trying to write a blog from St. Louis. Money is tight. The East Coast trip, while successful, was a huge financial undertaking for us both and now we’re trying to pay for that trip as well as take the site to the next, best level.

I love to write, I love this blog and I believe in its success, but we need help to make it happen. Without it it’s back to folding sweaters at The Gap. Dot! Pack up the laptop and return the cell phones! The Snob is on hiatus … unless … unless YOU could help?

You see, we tried asking our BFF Obama for a bail-out but he was all, “If I give your blog a bail out I have to give ALL the broke ass blogs a bail-out.” And we were like, but we’ll totally love you forever and our blog is the besty-estest of all the broke ass blogs, but then he was all totally not returning our calls. Lame.

So in lieu of federal assistance, we are having a blog-a-thon. It’s like a telethon, only with a blog and a link to The Snob’s PayPal account! All funds would go towards the site’s development and reinvestment and Danielle’s move. I totally needs about $6,000 in start up funds to make the D.C. transition happen. (But believe me, I’ll take whatever you give her. No amount is too small.)

We’re also soliciting advertising. ($500 can get you an incredibly sweet spot!) Just contact Dorothy at We’ll fix you up with a spot really nice.

The blog-a-thon will annoyingly run UNTIL THE END OF JUNE! (We’ll try to be nice about it, but we’re burning through the 401Ks as we speak!) We’re trying to bring you snarkalicious joy, uninterrupted, for the low price of absolutely nothing. Just because we care.

Don’t let the snark die! Give!


The Snob

PS. If you want to help promote The Snob-A-Thon, just link to this page on your site OR you can post this button:

The Black Snob

Here’s the code: <a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”The Black Snob”></a>

Just cut and paste into your html. Thanks!

21 thoughts on “Because We’re Broke. (But We Have A Plan!)

  1. Danielle make sure you have all of your followers with blogs place a link on their site to yours. The more traffic the better to blog a thon with.

  2. Girl, I’m broke flatter than Wiley Coyote after an Acme safe falls on him, but the next time I get some cash I’ll try to kick something in and/or buy some Snob swag. I personally gotta learn how to budget, it i hard for a singleton out here. HOpe you make it to DC. Would love to have you in town!

  3. @ Wenzel:Cash is preferred as I don’t make much money off the swag, but if you want to buy something I won’t exactly complain. It’s just I usually only make about $3 to $4 off of every item sold on the CafePress site.

  4. The Snob may head to D.C.!? The girl crush is in overdrive! Sendng a little hel$ your way – it’s not much but I hope it helps. LONG LIVE THE BLACK SNOB!

  5. do you have a twitter account? this seems like the kind of thing you could use twitter to promote.

  6. oh also, those of us who read via google reader always get the last half of posts cut off and therefore have to click over to the site to read the whole thing (and see the paypal button at the bottom)

  7. You have obvious talents, Danielle, and if you persevere, I know you’ll reach high pinnacles of success. Frankly, my sister is still waiting for the $500 bucks that I owe her. I have to knock off that debt first.

  8. dropped my 2c in the cup. At times, all of us are frustrated about the ways we are portrayed, so when there is something positive, & authentic "by us and for us", we have to support it. I’m sure this is worth what I would pay for a monthly lifestyle magazine; (@ online discount rate ;-)All the best!

  9. I meandered over to this site whilst doing my own T.J. Holmes google stalking. I will definitely contribute. The Snob must go on!p.s. tee hee @ the Blazing Saddles pic

  10. I kicked in my little bit — not that it’s so much that I need a pat on the back, but I think it’s good to add an "I gave!" comment for all the ones that say "I wish I could…"Danielle, if I could give a dollar for all the laughs I’ve gotten since I’ve come across your blog, you’d have more than $6,000, easily. Good luck to you!

  11. Thanks to everyone who’s donated. I really appreciate it more than you know. I am on Twitter and the Snob-A-Thon will be Tweeted! Keep your eye out for updates on our progress in fund raising!

  12. I’m broker than broke but I am going to see if I can scrape a few pesos up and send em your way cuz I truly do enjoy this site and think what you are doing is amazing. Until then I am sending vibes that someone out in reader land can help you out.

  13. Honey, I’m a broke ass struggling writer/blogger such as yourself…with far less traffic…lol…so once I see some of this freelance money I will drop you a 5 spot…’cause that’s bout all I got:-)

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