Um … We All Don’t Look Alike

For some bizarre reason gossip and media outlets keep reporting that singer, aka “the accused,” Chris Brown went to the NBA Finals with a “Rihanna-look-a-like.” Nice I guess, only it’s pop-n-lock singer Teyanna Taylor and she doesn’t look shizz like Rihanna.

Offenders include HuffPo, Buzzfeed, TMZ and (of all people) Jezebel. Jezzies? You too?

7 thoughts on “Um … We All Don’t Look Alike

  1. Looks like Chris decided to go out with Rihanna and his stunt doubles… For the record- the three white cameramen in the picture look like they could be siblings too.

  2. Yeah, I agree, it’s a resemblance. But there are big differences between them… and if you’re a pappa-journalist, it’s your JOB to distinguish people. They really shouldn’t have confused them, that’s ridiculous.

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