Juan Williams: Helping Bill O’Reilly Feel Better About Himself One Quote At A Time

The Civil Rights Movement and whatever Bill O’Reilly does for a living should never, ever be in the same sentence together. But, you know that right, Juan? Mr. Eyes On the Prize? Of COURSE Bill O’Reilly calling an abortion doctor a murderer and dealing with the fall out when that doctor gets murdered is JUST like what participants in the Civil Rights Movement did. Only … um, they didn’t call for their tormentors deaths. And, um, they appealed to America’s better conscious. And I’m pretty sure they weren’t multi-millionaire asshat talk show hosts, ass hat! A pox on both your houses! (Media Matters)

5 thoughts on “Juan Williams: Helping Bill O’Reilly Feel Better About Himself One Quote At A Time

  1. Poor Juan. Brother man has been sliding for years, but he has now lost his dang mind. Oh well, it still was an excellent documentary for its time.

  2. If you look the phrase "House Negro" up in the Wikipedia, you’ll see Juan’s picture next to it. Hee, hee.

  3. I really try to give the black republicans the benefit of the doubt, republicans in general, but it’s almost like they enjoy their stereotypes.

  4. I’m still trying to figure out when NPR, now controlled by the Obama Administration, will start hiring back minorities and democrats. You might recall there was a purge of democrats, minorities and liberal programming after Bush was elected. That’s when Cokie Roberts, Mara Liason and Juan Williams left NPR and suddenly found jobs as the network’s "resident liberal political experts" To me, all 3 of them are just 2-faced opportunistic scum.

  5. @Domino49, Please clarify how the Obama adminsitration "owns" NPR? No one "owns" NPR, if anything, they are one of the few mainstream media outlets that isn’t owned by some big corporation and that does not have an agenda.

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