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Hot Topics: Racists, Rhetoric and Russell’s Ruminations on how Tila Tequila Is Something Like A First Lady

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You know who’s like Michelle Obama? Tila Tequila. What? You don’t agree? Russell Simmons totally said so. He did. Stop laughing. For seriouses. She’s all classy and shizz for taking a stand on animal cruelty. And I’m waiting on my Nobel Peace Prize for snark.

She meant to send it to the list marked “racists.” Some lady person working in a Tennessee Republican legislator’s office thought it would be dandy to send some racist graphic email about President Obama to her buddies, but hit send to the WRONG LIST. Obviously this lady person doesn’t know that the interwebs are not idiot bigot friendly.

SOCIALIST CRYPTO-FASCISTS FOR HOPE! Someone’s wondering if all the crazy labels are doing more harm than good. Ya think?

A memorial fund has been set up for Stephen Tyronne Johns, the security guard murdered in the attack on the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Find out where to donate by clicking on the link.

Someone spotted TJ Holmes in our TJ Holmes Wedding Watch Thread! And they saw the fiancee’s ring. And it was good. Discuss all TJ related everything with us at The Snob. If not for your own edification, do it for me. I NEED this. This is my Super Bowl.

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One thought on “Hot Topics: Racists, Rhetoric and Russell’s Ruminations on how Tila Tequila Is Something Like A First Lady

  1. Sandy Beach says:

    I'm not the least bit surprised the racist and full of shit media has completely IGNORED this man,his death,his family,and his heroic act. How many millions you want to bet if the races were reversed it would be a much different story. Nor have they spent any time vilifying the old fuck who did it they are too busy worrying about 'adultery' [rolls eyes to heaven]

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