Black Republicans Would Have More Friends If They Were Blue Dog Democrats (Unconventional Wisdom)

When you do it, Little Black Republican, you’re a bastard. When Harold does it, everyone just rolls their eyes and goes “Oh, Harold.”Say you’re a politician — a black politician — and you want to get elected. Statistically it’s easier to get elected if your run in an area with a lot of black people. You share some causes, some interests, so it makes sense. But there’s this little thing that keeps getting in your way.

You’re a Republican.

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You’re black and conservative and you’re with the RNC, but even if you and your constituents agree on things they can’t get over the fact that the party you belong to has a bit of an image problem. It has not exactly helped that the main symbols of the party are loud, boisterous white men who express, very vehemently, their disinterest in anything going on in minority land.

Case in point, The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates on Republicans honoring of dead racist Jesse Helms back in 2008:

When the “champion” of your movement thinks that “crime rates and irresponsibility among Negroes are a fact of life which must be faced,” don’t expect a single sane, hard-working, red-blodded black person to take your arguments against Affirmative Action seriously. Homilies to Martin Luther King, given 40 years late, by people who did not even want to honor his birthday will not help. Hiring Yolanda Adams for your convention will not help. Not even gay marriage amendments will ultimately help. Trust me, as much as we may hate gays, we hate people who venerate racists even more. Purge your party of treasonous Confederate thugs, anti-miscegenists, and racial phrenologists, then we can talk.

What on earth do yo have to do to get a vote around here?

You’re as popular as ants at a picnic. People routinely call you derogatory things like “house Negro,” “boy,” “slave,” “Uncle Tom” and “sell-out.” Bloggers argue that any black person still clinging to their RNC cards are woefully masochistic. Someone just threw an oreo cookie at you. How much more abuse can you (and your views) take for people you say you love (kinda)?

And there goes that damn Harold Ford Jr.

Getting by on family ties, pretty boyishness and coming down on the side of torture. Dreams of a Tennessee governorship dancing in his head. (Shhh … it’ll never happen, but don’t tell him that!) A high profile position with the DCLC. What’s he got that you don’t? You’re twice the conservative he is! Yet he’s in like Flynn and you’re watching Michael Steele do his best Chicken George impression, setting you back about fifty years.

Well, little black Republican, if you stick with your party despite the obstacles, I don’t blame you. Admire your fortitude, I will. GOOD FOR YOU, I’ll say! But if this is about getting elected and serving your community, it really doesn’t make a lick of sense to saddle yourself with a vat of Negro krytonite, when you could either be an independent or a Blue Dog like Ford and actually get elected something.

The two party system is crap. It’s set up to benefit the few and squelch diversity. Unfortunately, unless one or both parties fall into disarray, we’re stuck with this system and a smart politico has to do their best magic to navigate it. I’d argue that if your true goal is serve your community through elected office you need to actually be in a position to get elected and all of us aren’t JC Watts. And even if you do make it out like JC and manage to get elected in a majority white district you still have to deal with the bull crap. (See DeLay, Tom) And it’s not like Democrats don’t have crap you have to put up with. Heavens to Betsy, there is PLENTY of crap! But which would you rather have? Crap where you can be in charge of a committee, get money for your district and influence party policy or crap where you get … crickets? Where you’re constantly repeating the mantra “the Republican Party needs to do more outreach to minority communities” while your party superiors chortle?

The fact is there are conservative Democrats (much to my personal annoyance) and they do have a great influence on the party. Plus, there’s not a lot of kowtowing in the Democratic Party. You can pretty much buck everyone and they just have to sit there, sour faced, and suck on it. (See Spector, Arlen) Yeah, they’re shake their tiny little fists and make some noise, but Democrats rarely kick anyone out. (See Lieberman, Joe), no matter how far off the reservation they go. And unlike the Republicans, there is not Liberal outside man or woman who has the juice to influence party protocol. Michael Moore can pretty much ululate until he’s blue in the face, he knows the Democrats are a political party and will only use him as they see fit. It’s not like with the Duke of Limbaugh or Father O’Reilly, where people actually LISTEN to them. The Democrats honestly don’t give two shits about Keith Olbermann. If they did, we’d have universal health care, gays would serve openly in the military and Iraq would be a distant memory by now.

And you can scream the Democrats are taking advantage of the minority vote all you want. Yes. They DO take advantage of the minority vote. But what is the alternative? A group that won’t even give your ass money to run a decent campaign? That won’t support you if you do, by chance, get elected? Where you’re a flippin’ unicorn?

But I get it. You can’t win unless you play the game. You’re tied to your views and you want a party that reflects them. That’s understandable. Some issues, like abortion, are deal-breakers. I’m just saying, if you’re goal is to get elected you might want to consider running solo or for a different team. There is a radioactive, fatal flaw in your current position. Perhaps it’s time to declare your own “emancipation proclamation” and go your own way.

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5 thoughts on “Black Republicans Would Have More Friends If They Were Blue Dog Democrats (Unconventional Wisdom)

  1. You hit the nail on the head. The problem, I think, for SOME prominent blacks in the GOP who run or want to run for office is that they are just trying to be iconoclasts and get attention for being as you say "unicorns". They want to say " Look at me, look at me. See, I’m such an original thinker and so different from the rest of ‘those’ people that I am a Republican." Plus they get to be a big fish in a little pond and stand out as one black among many whites and they get trotted out all the time and get some special attention whereas if the joined the D’s as blue dogs or as conservative D’s (we got anti-abortion folks on our side too), they’d just be one Negro among many and not get all that special attention. It is about "me, me,me"

  2. Girl,You are so wrong for this, but so right!!! I don’t even know what to say you laid it down on point!!!

  3. I like Harold Ford and think he’s a good politican, although I agree with you, Danielle, in that his political career is limited. While I’m totally in favor of interracial marriages, unless this country changes drastically in the coming years, Ford won’t have much of a chance getting elected to anything.

  4. Michael Steele was notorious, during his failed senatorial campaign, for not including his party affiliation in any of his TV ads (the ones with the puppy) or mailings. Then he went a step too far with a mailing implying quite strongly that he was a Democrat and had been endorsed by a host of popular African American Dems, which was a complete lie. He lost the election shortly thereafter.

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