Things That Are Boring

Michele B.? Girl. You bore the shizz out of The Snob. You’re gonna have to come harder than “gangsta government” to raise my hackles.

There are some subjects I choose to write about sparingly (or not write about at all). It’s not that they aren’t news or that other people aren’t talking about it. I just don’t CARE. Like when comic Jay Mohr basically called the First Lady a dude. If I got mad every time some mouth-breather called Michelle Obama “manly stanley” this would be the Michelle Obama Manly Stanley Comment Watch blog. People are ignorant, but they’re often not worth writing about. While I recently broke my silence on the ultimate snoreville THE WOMAN WHO WOULD NOT SHUT UP Sarah Palin, that was mostly out of “Fine! I’ll write something! Stop sending me links!” angst than actual outrage.

Here are some other items that are/were in the news that I’m too busy rolling my eyes to ruminate on.

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1. People who compare the First Lady to a gorilla.

2. Angry Sarah Palin (As opposed to Crazytown Sarah Palin, who is HILARIOUS. I’m technically sick of both of them, but if I had to choose …)

3. Rep. Michele Bachmann calling the Obama Administration a “gangsta government.” (See above video)

4. More (!) Obama books. (This time by his younger half-brother who he hardly knows, George Obama.)

5. Russell Simmons’ everlasting je ne sais WTF.

What’s boring you?

12 thoughts on “Things That Are Boring

  1. Likely not a popular position, but the coverage over the Iranian election is "boring me"…I’m certainly all for standing up against political corruption, but hesitant to jump on the rah-rah bandwagon over the Iranian election. it all rings false to me. I can point to several African countries (and others outside of Africa) in which election corruption has been, and still is prevalent. Including this country – the good ol US of A. It would be wonderful if we were all this passionate about exposing and challenging ALL fraudulent elections, and not just those that become cause celebre! It’s as if some are just now realizing that there is political corruption all over the world.

  2. "It’s as if some are just now realizing that there is political corruption all over the world."-Shadow And Act ROFL! The U.S. is about as corrupt like the Compromises of 1850/1877/2000…It’s the newest fashionable cause like "Twitter" or Darfur. I assumed they’d just switch to "Foxy Knoxy" in that Italian sex/murder trial!

  3. Mohr calling First Lady Obama a dude was not funny and was extremely disrespectful but so was black comedians calling Barbara Bush George H’s mother and grandmother.

  4. I think Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are boring. I think people saying nasty things ad nauseum about Michelle Obama, her clothes, niceness etc, is boring. Calling the President a socialist is boring. Powerful white people, mostly on the right, all but saying they are oppressed and being discriminated against. And rumors that Obama isn’t an American citizen and that his birth certificate is a fake. Oh and one more thing, taking anything negative that some or even one or two black people do and extending it to all of us thus pathologizing EVERYTHING about blackness.

  5. I gotta admit–it was very funny. I’ve always agreed with the idea that she looks manish. Whenever I see her, as a college basketball fan, I see her brother (Head Coach of Oregon State). While it’s true that siblings can often look very similar I think their features are verrrry masculine. The First Lady has a great rig, but I’m sorry she’s really just a butta-face for me…

  6. Ha. That was boring. I watched CSPAN late one night and she and 2 other congressmen were droning with charts and graphs… so hilarious, cause no one was listening.. but me. Bored by: 5. NBA4. Jon and Kate3. Spencer and Heidi 2. Octomom and most important..1. Sex tapes/pics/videos by A-Z celebrities.

  7. I’m also bored with stupid mindless sexist men (aka Jay Mohr ). Especially when they don’t look like anything themselves, ie., Mohr with his big-boned off-blonde hair’ed self. And I just saw a picture of his over collagen lipped wife, and he has some SERIOUS nerve talking about another man’s wife. I used to think he was ok but now I think he is a moron. Punk.

  8. Isn’t it weird how we’re getting used to hearing racist comments by politicians? Also, you know that "gansta" remark was a code word for a black man running the government.

  9. Gotta say I think the Iran Election stuff is the most exciting thing going on right now. I don’t think the "news" is that the election was rigged. The news is that 100’s of thousands if not millions of people are in the streets protesting in a country where that can get you beaten and killed and they’re using modern technology to get their voices heard. In a country and region of the world where the US is fighting 2 wars and Israel is threatened a nuclear strike if they don’t change their current policy, it is really damn relevant. There’s a lot of corruption in African nations, too much even. But the simple fact is there aren’t a million people in the streets demonstrating about it right now and none of those countries poses the potential threat of nuclear war.

  10. I’m bored with the "oh i didn’t know that was a racist comment/cartoon/joke. In fact, you’re thinking that it’s racist makes YOU a racist for stirring the pot" tactic. I almost prefer they just come out with the racial slurs and remove all doubt, but even these knuckle draggers know better than that.

  11. @ dukedravenDitto on the "gangster" code word, glad you pointed that out. I loved the use of the code word "elitist’ during the campaign, and waited for one of them to slip up and say that ‘uppity nigra’ in public.

  12. bored with most sports, angelina and brad and most of the other things others have posted…and seriously jay mohr commenting on michelle o’s looks…has he taken a HARD look at the woman he’s married to, nikki cox…let’s just say her face is tragic and she paid money to look that way….

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