Danielle’s Journal: Forever Young

If my generation won’t mature and the Boomers won’t grow up, who’s going to be the adult around here?

I still remember the awkwardness of it, the overall feeling of wanting to take a shower … or vomit. It wasn’t so much from the repulsion, as I was repulsed, but it was the feeling of betrayal and surprise. I was 18 and in college. Adults had always been my mentors and friends, guides and caretakers. I was not prepared for a world where people who looked and were the same age as my parents and grandparents would lustfully leer at me without shame. I definitely wasn’t prepared to be seen as a sexual object by someone who I’d admired and saw as a father figure, but somehow I found the strength to politely decline his offer and walk away without throwing up on his shoes.

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One thought on “Danielle’s Journal: Forever Young

  1. I agree. I fall into that category to some degree myself. I also find that this always wanting to be young makes people are ARE young worry about being old. I’ve heard people turning 25 calling themselves old and I know folks intheir 20’s who think I am AMAZING b/c I’m 35 and don’t look like I’m 90 (an exageration but still) and me and my other 30 somethings calling ourselves old. My 60 something Mom laughs at that. I’m also sure that the folks who are pretending to still be 18, would have done some variation of that no matter what time they lived in. I think one advantage of the Peter Pan syndrome we have no is that it does encourage people to some degree to be more playful and to continue to lead exciting lives as they age. I remember people talking about 65 like it was death, as a kid and now, many 65 year olds still work, they travel, they are active, so there is an upside. But I will say, part of me feels guilty for not being married, with 2.4 kids and a dog or something or like less of an adult but if it isn’t mean to happen it isn’t meant to happen. Also, as someone pointed out to me, kids don’t get hired for professional jobs, don’t get up and go to work every morning, etc, etc. It is hard to "grow up" though.

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