CBC to Sunday Talkers: Diversity, Please!

Seems the Congressional Black Caucus are blasting political TV talk shows for their lack of diversity. Or, as Gawker joked, “Clarence Page can only be one place at a time!

The CBC is referencing a recent Urban League report that put a spotlight on how even when minority issues are being discussed there are often no minorities on the shows. While a derth of blacks, Latinos and Asians abound in all TV talk, the CBC is SPECIFICALLY concerned as to why their members’ phones aren’t ringing off the hook.

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“I’m not pleased at all with the diversity issue as it relates to talk shows,” CBC Chairwoman Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said in an interview with The Hill. “We have, what, 17 subcommittee chairs and four full-committee chairmen? These members are brilliant; they know their stuff. They’re powerful and they should be part of the Sunday morning talk shows.”

Of course, we at The Snob already noticed this AMAZING phenomenon when we realized that the gorgeous twosome of the eyebrow-licious Jamal Simmons and the “we-don’t-agree-with-her-but-like-her-anyway” conservative punditress Amy Holmes were lacking on our TV post Jan. 20, 2009. Save Roland Martin busting out that sweet substitution slot when Campbell Brown went on maternity leave, things were looking a little lean for black pundits not named Juan, Clarence or Eugene.

We were so verklempt we actually made a VIDEO about it back in April! That’s how serious we take our black pundits. We love you ALL! (Except Ron Christie. You can drink a long, tall glass of STFU.)

The Missing Pundits from Danielle Belton on Vimeo.


12 thoughts on “CBC to Sunday Talkers: Diversity, Please!

  1. Funny, I was reading your post before the jump and I kept thinking, "Didn’t we already know this?" But, alas, the Black Snob was the first to report this (how long ago). The CBC is just now getting to this?

  2. What do these morning shows accomplish policy wise? There are tons of other ethnic groups who don’t have folks on Sunday morning talk shows and never had a sitcom yet they wield more power than black folks do. Sounds like a bunch of folks who just want to be on TV to me.

  3. @Tiffany: actually, the official, data-driven report from NULPI came out in 2006 (it is called ‘Sunday Morning Apartheid’ and you can still read the report online or purchase it by going to their website), but folks have been noticing it for quite some time prior.Snob shines light on the irony here: The CBC’s <reasonable> issue is that their members are conspicuously absent from these shows–when in fact the 2006 report itself speaks to *any* kind of diversity in the shows, CBC member or otherwise. Kind of makes you say "hmmm…" doesn’t it?

  4. The only black people who appear on Sunday Morning Apartheid are those whose appearance is just to offer criticism of the President, like Tavis Smiley and that nasty looking (ugly) Cornell West. Include with these corporate (WHITE) annointed race pimps and hustlers are the blace so-called scholars and interlectuals.What passes for media and journalist in this country is working very hard with the republicans in their attempts to undermine the President. So the only blacks to appear on these shows are brought on to assist the white media and the republicans.

  5. It appears that all people of color literally disappeared from TV especially as hosts of anything. There is a remarkable absence of brown faces in conversations about brown faces. All of the networks can and should do a better job of putting people of color in the journalistic roles they have honed their skills in and paid their dues in, just as the white men and women that are getting airtime (and a paycheck). CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, CBC… They all are guilty of avoiding what some would call "too many black folks on the air". I should know, I’m one of them and I am repeatedly ignored and turned down for airtime.

  6. Hello Ms. Belton, I enjoyed the article. I was wondering, could you tell me about the painting/art/gif/jpg? Who’s the artist and what is it called?

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