Holocaust Museum Shooter Expected to Live To See Trial

Jacqueline Carter 60, the mother of Stephen Johns who was murdered working as a security guard at the Holocaust Museum by James Von Brunn in Washington DC. (Source: NY Daily News/Theodorakis)I know there’s supposed to be an “alleged” in there, but, yeah. I don’t really care.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The man charged with killing a security officer at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is expected to survive his subsequent shooting by other security officers, the FBI said in a statement released Saturday.

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The statement was based on a Thursday court session in which a public defender was appointed for James von Brunn, charged with first-degree murder in the death of Stephen Tyrone Johns, 39, a security officer who police say opened a museum door Wednesday for the 88-year-old reputed white supremacist.

“Defendant was not present in court because he is still in the hospital,” FBI Supervisory Special Agent Katherine Schweit said in the written statement. “Government told the court that the defendant was in critical, but stable, condition with an expectation of survival.”

Von Brunn was charged Thursday with a federal count of murder and killing while in possession of a firearm in a federal facility.

Authorities said von Brunn shot Johns with a rifle at the entrance to the Washington museum after Johns had opened the door for him. Other security guards then shot von Brunn, authorities said.

The man is 88-years-old and has survived a shot to the head. I don’t know how to feel about it as it was obvious the guy wanted to die taking out as many people with him as he could. I want to see justice served, but it seems wholly unfair that this racist nutbar is going to live to see trial when his victim, security guard Stephen Tyronne Johns, had to die.

Read more about the shooting here. Read reaction from family members on both sides here.

7 thoughts on “Holocaust Museum Shooter Expected to Live To See Trial

  1. He’s sure to make a lot of new friends in prison. Who knows, maybe we could witness a real life American History X?

  2. This is one of those tragedies that make me question faith. There is no reason Mrs. Carter should have to bury her child and that old demon is still alive.

  3. Only the good die young, as they say. Ever notice how the drunk driver always survives and everybody else gets wiped out? We can’t always know the karma involved in people’s lives. I’m pretty comfortable in accepting events as they happen. I know Johns is in a place far removed from the misery of this world.

  4. @ Dukedraven, maybe it happens like that because the evil people like the holocaust shooter need a chance to be redeemed for their sins. God bless the victim’s family, he seemed to be so loved.

  5. i’m sorry mr johns lost his life….i want that old man who did this to live through the trial and be alive and sentenced to spent time in jail for murder…

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