Hammer Pants Flash Mobs Dance For You (Video)

10 thoughts on “Hammer Pants Flash Mobs Dance For You (Video)

  1. ‘m s hppy t s Hmmr mkng cmbck! HMMRTM! H hs nw rlty shw n ∓, hs msc s n th rwvs nd h’s pprng n tlvsn nd rd. fl gd! HMMRTM! jst wnt t dnc!

  2. Dude. If you’re going to ad spam the comments for A&E, at least mask it better. You’re in violation of the blog rules and I have taken your vowels. (Commenting rules)

  3. this makes me slightly cranky.. hope Hammer got paid well for this.. and I am so tickled you took the vowels.. that’s just funny.. necessary.. yet funny..

  4. I remember when I took my MC Hammer doll to school for show and tell in the 2nd grade and about five other kids had one. Aww the memories

  5. L O V E D IT! That looks liks so much fun and yeah the dude with the headband???? Priceless!

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