Don’t Bother with the MSM for News on Iran

It’s been bollocks here in the US. If you want to stay up the two best live blogs on-line I’ve found are on Huffington Post and Andrew Sullivan’s “The Daily Dish.” Not to mention Twitter. I can’t believe how pathetic the coverage on this story has been in the states. Makes me seriously wonder how today’s TV news would handle the massacre in Tianamen Square.

If you know any other good sources, please share in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Don’t Bother with the MSM for News on Iran

  1. Coverage of these events could be a defining moment for the 24 hour Newsers, but it seems that they wouldn’t know real news if it bit them on the nose. Then they wonder way they are losing viewers to other types of media! MMF (Mega Media Fail) all the way.

  2. @ Mr. NofaceI just frustrates me to no end. And don’t get me started on how MSNBC just goes dark every weekend and shows nothing but Chris Hansen and LOCKUP. Would it kill them to have someone mind the store on Saturdays and Sundays?Anyway, the NYT did a story on the whole #CNN Fail thing on Twitter where Twitter-folks have been basically goading the network to wake up and do their jobs.

  3. It is so dissappointing to see the lack of coverage of the aftermath of Iran’s "election", if can even call it that. Fareed Zakaria’s GPS this morning helped answer some of my questions but the MAJORITY of my info has been from online.Im like WHY am I watching a rerun of Wolf Blitzer’s interview of the dumbass sarah palin and her beef w/Letterman instead of the protests??!?!?!? only in America…..

  4. It’s been startling how useless CNN and the others have been. I’ve gotten all my info from foreign news services and blogs.

  5. OT SNOB – The First Lady and the WeeMichelles met the Queen during a private tour of Buckingham Palace.

  6. BBC News/The World; there are great region/country tabs to zero in on topics, as well as past history , and for more middle east coverage Link TV , done by a US non profit towards bringing Americans up to speed. Or a more direct source:English language; AljazerraAnd good on you snob for posting about this stuff. Simply by virtue of American Hegemony, and ‘our’ projected power- I’ve had people from every place you never heard of, offer opinions on American culture/politics/values etc [American in general, and Af Am in particular]. Who doesn’t know who Beyonce is, or how to ‘pimp a ride‘? The world is getting smaller by the hour, and we really do need to keep abreast of more than the usual; endless gazing at celebrities and and wall to wall pictures of the President &family(haven’t OD’d on that last bit yet)

  7. I still say that cop is being carried off for an asswhooping. Aside from that, the US journalists have never really been good for reporting the news properly, especially foreign events. The only way to get information these days is through citizen journalism. And that’s usually either a had-to-be-there situation or 2nd/3rd/4th hand information. Blah!

  8. MIchael is doing a pretty extensive job, with footage, although his commenters are infuriating.

  9. Here in Europe Iran is the number one story. CNN international and the BBC have breaking stories, reporters on the ground, and are showing Twitter feeds and Flickr photos.Iran’s govt. blocked Facebook and other social networks. The news is reporting that hundreds of thousands of protesters are at the University now. Not sure why this wouldn’t be considered a very important story in America. What’s going on in Iran hasn’t been seen since the Shah was removed. Then again we are a country who had a VP candidate who didn’t receive her passport until two years ago.

  10. The MSM over here isn’t covering Iran the way they should because they don’t want our young people to get any ideas, lol.

  11. Snob…thank you for covering this. As much as the Obama election last year and all of us regular ass folks getting involved and saying no the bullshit and becoming stakeholders in the democratic process, this is the same type of thing. I feel like it’s a sister movement in a lot of ways. I just heard a stat that over 60% of Iranians are under the age of 29. That’s incredible! Those are mostly young people like us standing up to "fight the power" and I am definitely down with that. Oh and yes: MSM/ Cable News FAIL! And they wonder why their ratings are plummeting.

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