Iran’s Election Results Not Going Over Well

Riots in the streets. Between 50 and 100 killed. Ahmadinejad is re-elected under dubious results. I wonder: If the Mullahs are in charge no matter who wins, why bother rigging an election? Was the opposition that big of a threat? Guessing by the “landslide” for Ahmadinejad, I’m going to go with yes. They didn’t even have the election come remotely close. The incumbent won by 63 percent. It’s awful even though it was inevitable. Despite the appearance of openness I never once believed the Iranian people were going to get a free and fair election. Not when there was a real chance Ahmadinejad could lose. Those who control the guns, control the elections. (Huffington Post)

7 thoughts on “Iran’s Election Results Not Going Over Well

  1. When the Iranians get tired of being jerked around, they’ll take to the streets again and throw the bums out. The rulers over there should tread very softly.

  2. I really wonder how all this will play out. Violently to be sure, but what will be left in its wake? Are we seeing the seeds of a new Iran (despite the disheartening results of the presidential election)?

  3. American tv sucks. I’m getting all my info about this online. Some of the pictures are really gripping.

  4. @ rikyrahAgreed. The US reporting on this has been spotty at best, which is insane considering all the drama surrounding our two countries and our involvement in the Middle East. I’ve been getting all my news on-line as well and watching British and other international reports. It’s always frustrating trying to get decent international news out of American outlets.

  5. Chris, you made some very insightful commentary on the video at your website. I think, however, that more "street novels" are published due to supply and demand, as opposed to an editor’s personal wants. If the public only wants to eat donuts, just selling more broccoli won’t help. When I get some free time, I like to read one of your books. I wish you further success in your writing career.

  6. After watching the HBO documentary "Letters To The President" (about the millions of leaders sent to the President of Iran per his request) last week, I guess I should have seen this outcome coming (I sort of did see it coming, but was hoping for change). For a second there I was actually able to partially fool myself into believe that the Iranian elections could be free and fair, but the past couple of days have been a wakeup call. Western 24 hour news networks are wallowing in their own fail right now (bigtime). What the hell happened to "Live From Bahgdad" CNN?

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