The Woman Who Would Not Shut Up Cries (Statutory) Rape

Wow. Everyone from Campaign 2008 is making a comeback this week. First my homeskillet the good Rev. Jeremiah Wright and now it’s Sarah Palin everywhere! Sarah Palin all over my teevee! Sarah Palin on the Today Show! Sarah Palin on The Situation Room! Sarah Palin all over FOX News! You remember Sarah? Mighty, but petite female governor, Republican, Tina Fey doppelganger? The woman who would not shut up not matter how ridiculous it got? She was the Effie White of Election 2008. She told us she wouldn’t be going!

Well, she’s back! Or should I say, she never left and I just didn’t write about her for an insanely long time! Why? Because I’m a charter member of the “Sick of Sarah Palin Club.” And when you were as sick of something as I was of Sarah you just stop writing about it all together. But since everyone has thrown in their two freakin’ cents on this thing I figured I’d dust off the mukaluks and give it a go, one more time — with feeling.

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For the uninitiated, David Letterman is a sometimes funny, but kinda mean comic who made a joke about one of Sarah’s daughters. He claims it was the oldest one who makes me feel sad if I think about her too hard. The Palins, that would be Sarah and the dude Palin, Todd, say he was directing the joke at their daughter Willow, who is 14. It really doesn’t matter as the joke was rather tasteless. Something about Alex Rodriguez knocking one of them up. Letterman also called the Alaska governor a “slutty flight attendant.” Or, he at least called the look her stylist created for her as “slutty flight attendant.”

The jokes were sexist and uncalled for. Me and the woman who WOULD NOT SHUT UP were actually on the same page for once. What an ass, that Letterman. How DARE he! Leave Effie Nanook of the North and her chilluns ALONE! Especially the chilluns. Good Lord. They didn’t ask to join this freak show.

But, per usual, just when me and the Palinator were starting to get along for the first time in history her husband had to accuse Letterman of making a rape joke about the fourteen year old when, ahem, it was just a tasteless, sexist joke. Not a rape joke. Then when Letterman gave his half-assed, backhanded apology (as he is wont to do), they continued with the caterwauling and flung out the “R” word again, sent out a catty press release saying they should keep Letterman away from Willow and Palin started going on all the networks screaming as loud about this as possible.

 The Awl‘s Alex Balk:

You could actually make a case that it represents the kind of prudery and disgust with the idea of sexuality of which liberals are always confusing conservatives of being afflicted. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin had to go on the “Today Show” this morning and discuss it, and now I’m like, you know what? Screw everybody. The idea that this woman-the logical conclusion of the forty years of anti-intellectual boob bait Republican strategists have been throwing at the public with phenomenally successful results-is somehow the defender of teen girls and their self-image is more insulting than any joke Letterman could have told.

What the hell? Everyone was agreeing with you and you blow it by pushing the “rape” line? What’s the old bastard Letterman supposed to do to satiate you? He’s a self-loathing court jester. He’s to be mocked and pitied. Why blow this up and make it Child Rape-Palooza 2009? Why is your eldest daughter Bristol an abstinence spokesperson when I just want her to grow up, quietly, with her baby and have a chance at a normal, non-media exposed life? Why must everything be a reality television show with you? Why is my head exploding? Why? Why? Why?

But what I hate about this the most is what this does for women and girls who will, inevitably, have the same thing happen to them, but will get disregarded as being hysterical and overly-sensitive because of how Palin has played her hand. Because that’s what happens. We all get labeled crazy ladies who can’t take a joke. Well, we can take a joke … when it’s actually funny. The joke about Palin’s daughter(s) wasn’t funny, but because it happened to The Woman Who Would Not Shut Up, everyone is still laughing anyway, obfuscating the bigger problem of sexism.

People can’t get past Palin’s ambition to actually focus on the ten kinds of wrong going on here. Instead, it has turned into another round robin of “blame the victim,” even if the victim is someone you absolutely are sick of.

Long story short: You’ve got every right to be mad, Effie, but you’re trying my patience. Big time.

19 thoughts on “The Woman Who Would Not Shut Up Cries (Statutory) Rape

  1. NOW just backed Palin….lettermens people f*cked up…they thought the 18 r old was at the game…it was the 14 yr old…as Chris Mathews said today…what if he had said that about the Obama girls.?..Kids should not be attacked for things said or done by the Parent….If he said that about my 14 year old…hed be taking his balls out of his mouth…the 18 year old was in the political arena…and..Palin can be made fun of… butmaking sexual remarks about a 14 yr old…especially by a 62 yr old man…is just wrong…

  2. Yes, Bristol is still a child and she needs to quietly retreat from the public eye and grow up, but when you get knocked up at the age of 17, parade through the media with your "soon-to-be-fiance," publicly break up with said fiance, then become an abstinence spokesperson, you are inevitably going to get clowned on by the media. There’s no escaping it. Maybe I sound a bit harsh here, but if Bristol really wanted to, she could have disappeared off the face of the Earth. She didn’t have to appear on the cover of People, or do that interview with that Greta woman. Sure the joke was in semi- bad taste, but I can’t bring myself to care that much about it, not when other people are insulted 10x worse, and it’s "taken out of context". I don’t know, maybe I’m just sick of the entire Palin clan, especially Sarah. Just go away. Please. This is not in defense of Letterman, since I never liked him, it’s more of a response to the fact that I still see Sarah Palin’s face everywhere . … the flight attendant joke, on the other hand, yes that was incredibly sexist. Sorry for the rant. I had to get it out there.

  3. Amen Snob. Amen. I can always count on you to hit just the right note re: matters like this. Hate Sarah. Jokes were still way out of line. Effie be quiet and go ye North to Alaska (and stay away from the teevee cameras).

  4. SARAH PALIN doe’s not have my sympathy, during the campaign’s she was spewing out DIVISION, doe’s anyone remember that? this woman put BARACK OBAMA’S life on the line! this woman will use her own children to get what she want’s, my heart go’s out to her kid’s, she is still running around AMERICA disrespecting the PRESIDENT! David letterman may have went to far but, who on this comment form take’s into consideration that The first lady is attacked on a daily basis! and she has to grin and bare it, she can’t get on TV and VENT like a MAD WOMAN! if SARAH PALIN truly cared about her daughter’s well being, she would be in ALASKA, and her daughter would be living a normal teenage life!

  5. Later Palin made a joke about it being unsafe for Willow to be around Letterman, which is pretty tasteless too. Palin should have quit while she was ahead. BTW, she has a nice booty (I’m just sayin’).

  6. this is one of the most stupid women out in public that I have seen in a very long time. I don’t know how and why the GOP selected her but they need to put her back in the box. She does nothing but yammers. There is no sense to what she says. There is no verb/subject agreement, no periods, comma in her speech. She just goes on looking stupid and has no idea how to stop herself. With the GOP being the party of old racist white men, I suppose this is what they feel women should be. She is an embarrassment to politics and she makes "W" look like a frigging genius. What does she want and why are she and her husband always using their girls to get them what they want. This woman would march her own mother on stage if she thought that it would help her political career. I feel sorry for those girls of her because she has no respect for them and their privacy. You drag your girl who is pregnant and unmarried and underage as well as your infant who you probably couldn’t wait to birth when you found out he was a special child to use in a campaign to win you the title that you selfishly think you deserve because you want it. This under-education, backwoods, racist idiot should be taken into an igloo and not let out until she can pass a literacy test. The nerve of her thinking that she is more qualified than President Obama. Even thousand dollars worth of clothing still couldn’t change her image……..Trash, trash Be Gone!

  7. You lost me on this one, Snob. Sarah Palin is a public figure. A stupid one. How she dressed was a major feature in McCain’s promotion of her candidacy. The Repubs literally dressed her like that. So commenting on the fact that she looked like a character out of "Coffee, Tea or Me?" is fair game. As for Palin’s "I only believe in abstience while screwing in my mother’s rec room" daughter, Palin put her out there when she decided to run. If that had been her sole exposure to the public, I’d feel bad for her. But Bristol decided to show up on Faux news and People magazine as a "lock the barn door after the horses are gone" chastity advocate. Hello! Public figure! Now, just hypothesizing that Michelle will ever allow her girls to escape long enough to make some kind of stupid statement on the Tyra show, they’ll be public figures too and subject to whatever comes at them. But right now, they smile and keep their mouths shut. If only we could get Palin and her kin to do the same thing.

  8. This woman works my nerves. Yes, it was a bad joke. But even Sarah Pailn knows he wasn’t talking about her 14 year old. She had a right to say she didn’t like it, but she’s taking it way too far. She really lost me when she talked about Obama "the one who must be obeyed" saying his kids were off limits. But, honey, he was talking about your kid, remember? Back when the media was having a field day about Bristol’s pregnancy, he said to back off. But I guess you don’t get camera time if you don’t throw around the rape word, get a dig in at the president and media in general, and have your spokesperson make accusatory statements that you won’t even bother to explain. I think comedians should stop making jokes about the Palins … just so we never have to see or think of them again.

  9. The joke was funny. Some of the funniest jokes ever are not even close to being politically correct.

  10. Palin has made a career out of feudin’. That is her political stock in trade.She’d already created a weeks-long feud inside the Republican party with her on-again-off-again scheduled-appearance at the big deal RNC fundraiser. That feud lost steam right about when the Baked Alaska was being served. And, then, along comes Letterman and a new feud is born! Amazing. Ugh. She does look like a slutty flight attendant in that photo series. She also looks a bit sweaty and unwell.

  11. Interesting development … HuffPost notes that Leno told a similar joke about John Edwards gettting Bristol pregnant. In his joke, it’s clear which daughter he’s talking about, but still. One of the commenters says the difference is Palin is probably getting back at Letterman for making McCain look like a fool for backing out of his appearance and lying about it. I could totally see that…

  12. DANIELLE, you don’t know what you did when you posted this blog, don’t let me get started with this SPOILED WHITE WOMAN, she should be at home with her children trying to raise them! but yet, this RACIST is out once again causing mess, and the nerve for WOLF BLITZER to ask this uneducated woman how BARACK was doing as the PRESIDENT, and she couldn’t wait to criticize him, and then she made that comment about the PRESIDENT! the REPUBLICAN’S/CONSERVATIVE’S pay this RACIST to go out and beat up on the PRESIDENT! DAVID LETTERMAN knew what he was doing! and who in their right mind would vote for this illiterate person, and who care’s about NOW speaking out! they better be careful, I’m not sure but, i think NOW is basically a LIBERAL ORGANIZATION, they endorsed the PRESIDENT, and she took some of that STIMULUS MONEY, and then tried to explain it away, and beside’s what type of woman would go out killing innocent animal’s! TODD should take his wife home and make her get some where and sit DOWN!

  13. palin got no love at that republican event last week…you know the one where jon voight was talking shit, (which, by the way, when the dixie chicks said basically the same thing about dubya, the repubs lost their minds), so when palin gets ignored, she finds any thing ridiculous to cling to keep her in the media’s eye…i can’t stand this woman…she needs to stay in alaska…

  14. Let’s see, a leading member of the South Carolina Republican Party just commented on Facebook that a recently escaped gorilla was a "relative" of our First Lady? Only CNN gave it a mid-afternoon mention…Yawn?A Harlem minister (AKA: secular pimp) recently released an 8 min. YouTube rant calling Obama’s mother a whore (for the entire 8 min.) and challenging the President of the United States to defend his mother’s honor? …Only mention of this was on the internet site, NewsOne…and of course YouTube?Sarah Palin’s daughter was made the "butt end" of a joke on the Letterman Show for being "promiscuous" (Ha-Ha) and the honor of "white womanhood" is defended by everyone in the MSM?PRICELESS…!!!

  15. Why do people even still mention her name? I cannot stand to hear anyone mention the mediawhore. Now she she has people all up in arms starting a fire david letterman site, fire him why? I just can’t understand why some people are held up to be so freaking pure and helpless *smh* it annoys the poo outta me…She can talk $hit iand "joke" but heaven forbid anyone say abything to or about them…it is maddening. *breathes out* okay I have said my piece.

  16. I have to co-sign with Cody Williams. I thought the joke was funny as it was meant for Bristol, not Willow. When I heard that it was in fact Willow at the baseball game with her mother, my thoughts on the joke didn’t change because I knew who it was for. I don’t really care for Letterman one way or the other, but everyone knows his jokes are often crass and mean-spirited; its how he pays the bills.Sarah Palin makes my skin crawl and I honestly wish she just go away. If not for America’s sake than for the sake of her children. She gives American women a bad name and I want nothing more than for her 15 minutes of stupidity-driven fame to be up.p.s. She does dress like a slutty flight attendant and she knows it. Her fake indignation is laughable.

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