Elon James White Flags Cornel West, Others, on “Crazy Talk” Foul

Where Melissa Harris-Lacewell left off Elon James White has picked up, ran and punted the trio of Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson and Tavis Smiley.

Taking the professor to task over some crazy ish he said in Rolling Stone, White wonders why Cornel West would say he would rather be in a “crack house” than the White House. Or the outside rather than the inside of the Obama Administration? Is he trying to be a rebel or amazingly stupid, White wonders?

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Dr. West is a part of a group of Black intelligentsia that sees it as their job to step up and police President Obama on his dealings on Blackness. West, Tavis Smiley, Michael Eric Dyson and others see themselves as the voice of the Black plight and will not allow Obama to ignore the very people that got him into office! With constant cries for racially charged fixes for issues within the black community, they stand at the sidelines with their noses held in disgust at his lack of true understanding, or better yet, lack of actual caring about the issues of, as Dyson keeps yelling, the people who put him in office.

Here’s a question:

If Dr. West was offered a position in the Obama administration, why in holy hell would he not take it? Why would he turn down a direct line to the powers that be? Why would he rather do his work from a crack house than from the power base of our government? Why would he chose his current place in lieu of a position of actual power and ability to influence and change the issues that he so emphatically claims need the direct attention of higher government?

Interesting point, White. Could you elaborate some more? Like perhaps your response to this statement by Michael Eric Dyson — He is willing to sacrifice the interests of African-Americans in deference to a conception of universalism because it won’t offend white people. (via Youtube.com)

Could someone explain to me at exactly what point my interests were sacrificed? The fact that Obama hasn’t stepped up to the podium and yelled, “Blackity Black Black. We gots ta get some black ish handled!” means he’s some how sacrificed my interests?

Fascinating. Read the rest here on Huffington Post.

15 thoughts on “Elon James White Flags Cornel West, Others, on “Crazy Talk” Foul

  1. Someone should ask them: Was Barack elected president of the United States of America (which includes, blacks, whites, rich, poor, Hispanic, Asian, gay, straight, religious, nonreligious) or was he elected president of NAACP/Rainbow-PUSH/Urban League?Thanks God Barack had the guts to run and show these misguided people (Tavis/West/Dyson posse and the right-wingers) that there is a big picture. EVERYONE MATTERS! Barack needs our support and prayers because he has heavy load.Peace.

  2. Rather be in a crack house, you would think someone like Cornel West who usues such verbal acrobatics would be able to articulate his thoughts better than saying some dumb crap like he rather be in a crack house than the WH

  3. That picture has got me DYING. It reminds me of those pics of Stephen Colbert and his "black friend". But I digress, West’s remarks about being his preference for a crack house over the White House just solidifies this talk more, do less attitude that many black intellectual elites harbor. Why would he would to be in a position where he can acutally DO something besides write books, give speeches and criticize others?

  4. LOL! These sorry negroes are just pissed that they were not called to help land the Obama ship into the WHite House. They wanted an opportunity to get some kind of press and glory out of his historic run and victory, and Obama simply used unity rather than division to win over supporters. The sad truth is that nobody is checking for these losers/haters and they are simply crickets chirping in a long night, nothing more nothing less. Blacks, whites, hispanics, jews, gentiles, male and female, etc… helped Obama to victory, not just black people. He is responsible for and accountible to everyone. Where were they during the Clinton, Reagan, Bush 1 & 2, Carter, Kennedy administration? Yeah, I know…sitting quietly in a corner saying "yes suh". They knew better than to step to those white men like this, so why put this pressure on a black man? Crabs?

  5. Why does Cornel West only have one black suit, black vest, white shirt and thin black tie? I mean really? Someone needs to answer this one for me. He’s not Hasidum, right? Is it a costume or a uniform or a very strong fashion commitment. Would you send your child to a doctor in a costume? I don’t understand where intellect and uniform meet in the world of black identity.

  6. Beautiful Snob,Uh, ‘the people who got him elected’? I sure hope they ain’t referring to the “Black Vote”, lol. ‘Cause the Republicans have several times over proved very conclusively you can totally ignore that and still win. President Obama got elected on the strength of a strong white vote. Maybe THAT’S what ticks these “It’s Still 1956 – And Don’t Forget That” type guys off. Your thought’s Beautiful?

  7. i believe the problem these gentlemen have with obama is the fact that he doesn’t want to touch any problem that would even be preceived as black. the obama team has probally made the political calculation that the majority of blacks who voted for obama in 08 are going to do the same in 2012. politically obama has to pander to moderate republicans and latinos to have an easier time trying to get reelected. if you remember when obama was starting to name his cabinet latinos felt they were being under-represented and they jumped up quick to let obama know how they felt and then we started to hear more latino names being mentioned for positions in his administration and sotomayor. i understand why west and smiley are upset because they feel obama turned his back on his base. lets say mccain won the election with 95% of the christian right vote there is no way he could ignore issues that would be perceived as value issues. but in reality blacks are not swing voters anyway so obama has us right where he needs us. the real question should be why do we just give give our votes to the democrats and remain on their political plantation?

  8. Sometimes I think that Dr. West is maybe too smart. He really comes off a lot of the time as a real ass, like maybe there are some problems there. Some people can be so smart that they sometimes act stupid. He was one of the most outspoken when Obama was not at the Seminar that Travis held and then when Obama started winning he was right there at his side with Tavis being left along. I don’t understand why they think that the President has to stand up and say "this is for all the Black folk" and this is to show that I know they voted for me. there were lots of Black folk who are now insisting that the President show how Black he is and they didn’t even come on board to support him until Clinton lost. Why is it so hard for the "brightest" among us to be so emptyminded about how this position works. Every Black person in the country could have voted for President Obama and she still could not have won had others not felt that he offered something to the betterment of this country. If the intelligent folk can’t act intelligent, what is expected of the rest. Barack Obama is President of all the people, not just Black people and I am sick and tired of hearing him being taken to task by people who have not even done all that they could do.

  9. @ WenzelI agree. Does West only have that one black suit and will someone also needs to tell him to get a haircut, a share and fix those nasty ass teeth of his. Why does he have to look like he’s a homeless guy or maybe he wasn’t joking when he said he would rather be in a crack house?

  10. Can anyone name anything that West, Dyson, Smiley and the other black so-called intellectuals have done for the black community? Mentoring young men like Desmond Hackett, tutoring grade school, high school or college students? Talking to young teens about the dangers of having sex and baby after baby? Jobs programs? How one should dress and act when looking for a job? Anything?

  11. Dammit Court! Now, thanks to you, the phrase "Cornell West’s black friend" will be forever stored in my noggin.Oh, wait, that might actually not be a *bad* thing…. 🙂

  12. Wal-Mart.Tavis Smiley, let’s talk about Wal-Mart, the sponsor of your State of Black America annual confabs as well as your traveling Black History exhibit.Wal-Mart: The fighter against public option insurance availability and unions. I suspect that many Black people (I am one) are quite pleased that the Obama administration is working w/unions to improve the lives of workers. I am also pleased that President Obama does not seem to see his role as special caretaker of insurance industry profits. I am so pleased, that it does not matter to me that he does not frame workers rights and available health care in Black terms.I’m OK w/that.And I think when President Obama gets on the stick about DADT, that African American LGBT community members will be pleased. I’m not sure that they will require that the repeal of DADT be a "Black" issue.But I could be wrong. I can’t presume to speak for all Black people Mr. Tavis Smiley: How about that Wal-Mart??? That Seeker of fresh territory now that the exurbs/suburbs/rural areas won’t let them build there anymore.How about that Mrs. Smiley/West/Dyson.(I would add Sharpton and Jackson, but they seem to be busy making sure that the Michael Jackson estate is settled in a…"Black" manner).

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