Danielle’s Journal: Happy Daddy Issues Day!

When your father is a stoic, everyday is “Can you read my mind?”

Whether you have a father in your life or not doesn’t spare you from “Daddy Issues.”

I think everyone has them whether their father was home every night for dinner like mine or a ghost who wanted nothing to do with their kids. It’s just unavoidable. The severity of the issues depends on the father.

My father is a good father. He worked hard, he held down a great job, we were always well taken care of and had everything we could ever need. But he is also emotionally withholding and stoic. He’s the strong, silent-type, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. All my childhood I’ve been obsessed with getting him to do the one thing he can’t — open up.

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One thought on “Danielle’s Journal: Happy Daddy Issues Day!

  1. Daniella you said your father is a good man, take it from me [a man probably of the same generation as your father] your father is a male he hold his emotion as I sometime do, allow him that, because if he open up to you, you might not like what you see. Young ladies stop trying to feminizes your men because if you manage to do it [feminizes him] you want like him anymore! When a male become feminizes he is man no more. We male and female are here to compliment each other not to be like each other and remember neither gender makes sense without the other.

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