Meet Nia and Nia and Nia and Nia … Your Doctors Are In

Because Black Snobs have problems too, welcome to the Snob family writer, actress, spiritual guru and comedic Jill-of-all-trades, Nia Orms and her many, many, many different personalities.

Featured in her one-woman show Please Take a Number, Nia and her multiple personas are here to help with your woes as the resident advice columnist(s) here at The Black Snob. Along with answering your questions, Nia and Co. will be writing about relationship issues for the site. But enough of my yammering, let’s hear from the Nia(s) in their own words.

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A meeting room … somewhere … in Nia’s mind.

NIA: Okay, is everyone here? Good. Listen up, were going to be giving advice to The Black Snob.

ALEXUS: Oh hell yeah! I love getting in other people’s business. The best solution is always to fight. One, two, three, knock ‘em out! Problem solved.

D: Nia, you know we got enough goin’ on. I’m just tryin’ to make it off the block.

BRIANA: (To D) Honey I told you, mone is not a problem for us. Like, I will totally give you money whenever you need it. Okay? I got your back. Like seriously, you’re my man.

JOSIE: Aye dios mio. What about Puerto Rican snobs? Well, I have no problem except that everyone wants to look at me. Try to stop. See you can’t stop looking at me.

JENNIE: I only give advice when I ain’t high. So, I guess I don’t give advice.

SUDAN: Oh, if people would only see that their problems are blessings.

PAULA: Oh you Blacks and African American’s whatever, always got so much to say. Just be like the Italians and say, “forget about it.”

NIA: Alright, enough. You think they can’t hear (see) what you are saying?

Look, we’re all helping each other out here. I think everyone has a lot to learn from you. When I see you find joy in the midst of all that’s going on your lives it inspires me. We’ve done a lot of work at our shows and workshops to help us laugh on our journey to inner and outer wellness. It’s going to be the same here at Black Snob. So, as the questions come in, don’t hold back on your advice. Let it come from your heart. What we are doing here is about real people, real answers, real inspiration.

Send your questions to, with the subject line marked “Ask Nia,” and ask away. This is no holds barred. Nia’s got a least one or two people on the brain who could tackle your woes.

To learn more about Nia’s characters and her one-woman show, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Meet Nia and Nia and Nia and Nia … Your Doctors Are In

  1. This is nitpicking, I know, but that unnecessary apostrophe in "Doctor’s" is setting my teeth on edge. It should be "Your Doctors" (plural, not possessive.) Sorry, I’m a language snob.

  2. Nia! excuse me. I meant, Nia et al.We saw Please Take a Number in DC. (thanks to a tip from the Snob)Phenomenal. Loved It. Words are so inadequate to describe what you did there on that stage.Brilliant. Thank you. Can’t wait to see what happens with the advice column."hey boyfriend!" LOL!

  3. Heyyyyy Boyfrennnnn, haha, I love it! I saw it three maybe four times myself as I was shuffling people to see it. I can’t wait to hear Josie talk entertainment, Alexus talk about finding a "Barack of her own" or Briana weigh in on the midterm elections. Welcome aboard Nia!

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