Invest In Kevlar (We’re All Gonna Die!)

So … did you hear about all the wackdoodles finally going wacky?

They laughed at Attorney General Eric Holder when he said there was a storm brewing over in Right Wing Fringe Nutbar land. Now that someone has just shot up the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and killed a security guard maybe it’ll start to sink in.

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — A lone gunman wounded a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday before being injured by return fire, according to police and a museum statement.

The suspect was identified as James von Brunn, an 88-year-old white supremacist from Maryland, two law enforcement officials told CNN.

Gunfire at the entrance of the museum wounded at least two people Wednesday, emergency officials said.

A private security guard and the shooting suspect were wounded, according to officials of the Washington police.

Sgt. David Schlosser, a spokesman for U.S. Park Police, told reporters a man armed with a “long gun” entered the museum at 12:50 p.m. and fired at a security officer, and both were wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

It’s true. Electing a black man has made the wackadoodles officially go homicidal.

So far in 2009 we’ve had one Unitarian church get shot up by a nut railing about Liberals and gays. One abortion doctor assassinated at his church by a dude with ties to a crazy hate group and now two people have been shot/injured inside the Holocaust Museum by an 88-YEAR-OLD MAN!

Who fought in WWII, nonetheless! On OUR side!

So, I’m pretty sure I’m not the ONLY person thinking this … what the hell is next? Should I invest in something bulletproof? Does my church, synagogue or mosque need to purchase bomb sniffing dogs? Does my local NAACP office need to employ Kimbo Slice and Mike Tyson for security? Should we keep the president’s children in a bunker for the next four years?

What the HELL, wackadoodles!? Get back in yer cages. No one asked you to use the Great Democralypse as an excuse to start offing the people you’ve secretly wanted to kill since the Reagan Administration. I don’t intend on spending the next three-and-a-half years with one eye on my backside, but you’re making an awesome case for the NRA and its various reasons why they think black folks need MORE guns.

Add in the occasional half-cooked scheme by your garden variety al-Qaeda wannabe (see this Army recruiting station getting shot up in Arkansas and this story of New York synagogues being targeted), and you’ve got a reciepe ripe for a big ol’ batch of “EVERYBODY PANIC!” So if you’re brown, black, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, gay, Liberal, pro-abortion or anything else hated by wackadoodles watch your back! It’s apparently the killing season.

15 thoughts on “Invest In Kevlar (We’re All Gonna Die!)

  1. Typo alert, Danielle. It’s "who fought in WW II," not "found in WW II." You should see my typos. Hee, hee. File this episode in the "It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" cabinet.

  2. I guess we better go get our armor. It’s just so sad to me. How does hate fester for that long?

  3. Hey, at least you dont work for a pro-abortion non-profit. Shit. I just might have to change jobs. Ha! Not likely in this economy.L

  4. I live in a rural area and I’ve been extremely paranoid since the election. They not gonna catch me slipping

  5. Snob, I was supposed to cover the play opening tonight, with Holder et al in attendance. I’d interviewed the Cohens before and we were all looking forward to the event. The theme and thesis of this play isn’t that these two teenagers hate or even blame the more fairy-tale, Hollywoodized evil monster stereotype of Nazia and quasi-Klansmen. It’s the people like Newt Gingrich or Limbaugh, or you enxt door neighbor who sort of shrugs at trangressions on freedom, or grouses about this group or those people. The enablers, the cowards, they are the evil. That’s what’s going on now.

  6. sigh, one more reason for folks to be afraid of coming to Maryland because, you know, The Wire and Baltimore crime statistics haven’t done enough damage…

  7. I actually live in DC and this scared me to death. What is going on with the nutjobs? First, Dr. Tiller in CHURCH and then a nutty anti-Semite in the Holocaust Museum. People make the argument that tighter gun laws don’t work, but damn people. I want to be able to go to a public place and not freak out about a wacko with a gun. I just heard on the news that the security guard passed away. I am keeping his family in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. It’s killing season?? NOW? (pffffffft) Shame on any person belonging to a minority group or POC who hasn’t invested in kevlar up until now!

  9. Don’t forget the shootings in Pittsburgh and I think another place where the shooters were afraid that Obama was going to take away their guns

  10. This is just the beginning. It started with "tea-bagging" and before this the right wing extremists, shouted "kill him!" (referring to Obama) at McCain/Palin rallies.Get ready for the white supremacy Million Man watch on Washington. They will be alot of catch phrases like "those people" and "socialist-Muslim president" and "New World Order" at such an event. They will proclaim loudly their love of country and everyone else as "traitors" to the "Christian" nation– never mind the fact this nation was founded on the blood and backs of African slaves and Native American genocide. They will continue to wrap the flag around the cross. It seems the country will implode from within, not external terrorism.More than anything, President Obama and his family need our prayers; Meanwhile, the Godhead, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are watching.

  11. I don’t care what anyone says….the radio and tV rants by these wingnuts need to have some censorship to them. When you are constantly whipping up hate among those who are not really sane and who truly believe that this is their country and no one is supposed to lead it unless they are white. They call back everything that left wing people say. Now they are all over Letterman because of some jokes he made about Palin and her daughter……but noone is upset with Fox and the right wing radio people about anything they say. Especially about our president.

  12. ACTION TIME: From Blacks4Barack: Is the crazed killer James W. von Brunn the type of person whom the right-wing hate radio/media is directing their code-phrase messages of incitement and deadly hate ?WE SAY YES !We need volunteers who will monitor as often as you can the right-wing radio/media ‘messengers of hate’ (CONTACT US IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO). Please write down code phrase comment(s)…who said it…day/date…time. Send this information to Blacks4Barack. We will then compile this information and turn it over to proper authorities.It is absolutely illegal to spew deadly innuendo via the media. A radio host and buddy of Hannity’s named Hal Turner was just arrested for spewing deadly incitement.Visit for more details.

  13. Looks like the ’90s all over again w/ the Y2K nutballs clamoring around. These faux-right wingers and their rhetoric is annoying. That 2nd amendment looks tasty right about now!

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