Hot Topics: Segregated Proms, Dating Dilemmas and Discussing “White Privilege”

As usual, the topics are heated and going strong!

Prom — Still segregated in some parts of the South. You know? Just in case the black rubs off. But what’s really messed up is how many of the white kids, who claim to be friends with the black kids when NOT at prom, could end this madness by going to the “black” prom. Especially since black kids can’t show up at the white prom, but white kids can come to the black integrated prom. If you really cared about your friends, that’s what you’d do.

Wanting, wondering, wishing for a discussion on “white privilege?” You’ll get that and more at the blog Stuff White People Do. Diana kicks off the discussion on the site in Hot Topics.

Not all black girls want “bad boys.” Especially not reader Nagrom. She wonders where the nice, nerdy guys are and why-oh-why all the stereotyping.

From Paris to London town. Michelle and the girls sneak off for a little London tour after taking France by storm.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Topics: Segregated Proms, Dating Dilemmas and Discussing “White Privilege”

  1. You notice these segregated proms are not only in the South, but in the most bamma, countrified areas? Perhaps "Sgt. Waters" in A Soldiers Story had a point?

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