Campbell Brown Returns, But Where Does That Leave My Dear Rolly Rolls? (Old News)

In case you missed all this “Roland Martin related drama” last week, like I did, CNN anchor Campbell Brown returned to No Bias, No Bull last week. (Now no longer called “No Bias, No Bull.”)

The show is in a horrifying fourth place slot getting beat (again) by friggin’ Headline News. For those not watching, CNN contributor Roland Martin sat in for Brown while she was on maternity leave. Some wondered if the babysitting gig was a trial balloon for Martin finally getting his own show. But because CNN’s ratings are trè crappè right now, everything is up in the air.

As long time readers may know, I love Roland Martin even if he does not love me. I so enjoy it when he pops up on the blog to set me straight about something or other. It’s hilarious and wonderful. I don’t know if he finds it hilarious and wonderful. HE SHOULD. But I doubt it.

Someone who I know Roland doesn’t find “hilarious” or “wonderful” right now is The Root’s Jimi Izrael, who incurred the wrath of Roland over some anecdote where he claimed my fair Rolly Rolls was some sort of incense and beef jerky peddler back in the day. In the biggest backhanded compliment of a blog posting ever, Jimi quite amazingly praises Roland while repeatedly kicking him in the gonads.

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Por ejemplo:

I first met CNN’s Roland Martin in the early 2000s at an NABJ convention. He was wearing a dashiki, walking around selling something he called a “black power pack:” a bag of incense, a hunk of jerky meat and one of his self-published books. That’s a true effing story. We were both on the same panel and what stuck out to me was not just this brother’s unapologetic, sharp-elbow style of self-promotion, but his behavior off-stage. Martin was so well-read and razor sharp on the issues of the day off-stage that despite how friggin annoying as he was, I found myself hoping that this Roland Martin—the one who didn’t feel the need to tell you how good or how smart or how sharp he was—would find some success. Because truth to tell, he didn’t need the bombast—his intellect and ability to process and analyze through his black male apologist, woefully lefty filter was evident.

Roland (and can you blame the brother?) was not amused.

It was pretty dumb to assert that I was walking around selling incense and beef jerky. One, I’ve never done such a thing – ever – so why in the hell would I start? If that’s your thing, cool, but it’s not mine. Not only that, I hate beef jerky! I’ve never even tried it. And the last time I even burned incense, it had to have been the early 90s, and I needed to get the smell of baby poop out of the room at my crib!

So I decided to write Jimi, hoping he would have the decency as a “journalist” to correct this obvious lie. His response? He claims others remember the same story, and he would let it stand. I demanded of him to ask who else could corroborate an obvious lie, and he said I made the pitch to another journalist during a 2002 convention in Milwaukee. This is so false it’s not even funny.

As if that weren’t enough, poor Roland has had to deal with Page Six accusations that he, along with the Silver Fox of CNN, Andy Coop-A-Doop, were personally responsible for wrecking the network’s ratings. C’mon now. That’s just cruel. Everyone knows that CNN’s sucky ratings were a team effort. Everybody had a hand in making that boat crash. I mean, TJ Holmes is extremely good looking, but the man can’t do it all!

Page Six also claims that Roland was bitching about how the network “doesn’t promote him enough or book him high-profile guests,” but he’s claiming that those statements are a “flat-out lie.”

“I never even uttered those words, never said any such thing to any network executive or any other staffer,” Martin told Richard Prince’s Journal-isms blog in an e-mail Sunday. “I would be embarrassed as an editor or writer of a paper to put out such a lie.” (EURweb)

But with that all out of the way, what will become of that show CNN was considering for Roland? And what is up with the fact that none of the major cable news networks has a person of color hosting an afternoon/evening show? MSNBC gave Ed Schultz, ED FRIGGIN’ SCHULTZ, a show. No offense to Ed, but … really? Who was clamouring for that one? Who was writing MSNBC begging for his glorious mug to take up an afternoon slot? I want names!

If you could see any person of color host an evening show, who would you want to see? Personally, I’d like to see either Alison Stewart, Lisa Ling or Soledad O’Brien take another stab at something. If they’re looking for someone more “spirited” (re: shouting and possibly insane) I’m sure there are plenty of folks who would like to give their best screaming meme crack at it. Al Sharpton’s all kinds of loud and insane. Dyson is out there with his wife not too far behind. Amy Holmes can be scary when she tries really hard.

Of course, there’s always Donna Brazile, but heaven’s to Betsy, someone might watch her and she might actually make some damn sense, so we can’t do that!

Who do you want to see?

17 thoughts on “Campbell Brown Returns, But Where Does That Leave My Dear Rolly Rolls? (Old News)

  1. I loved Lisa Ling when she was on The View. None of her replacements have matched her since she left. She is a true journalist, not a faux celebrity spouting nonsense. I hope her sister Laura Ling and the other journalist sentenced to 12 years in North Korea are freed soon.

  2. I personally enjoy Roland and know many people that do. He was the reason I bothered watching C No News. I would love for him to have a show of his own on CNN or one of our networks-BET, TVOne or OWN. Lets pray to build up rather than prey to break down.

  3. Ttoo funny Roland outed as hustle manRe: the silver fox- A. Cooper- am I the last person to learn that he’s a scion of the Vanderbilt family?As far as news host it goes w/ saying the snob would be first choice for any news on/from American blackland of course, your snobbery of influence is bigger than that. Michele Norris, of NPR /( is she still on NPR)? I listen to some shows via podcast- but haven’t caught her on anything. Also Farai Chideya, I’ve heard her on PRI’s ‘The Takeaway’- as a stand in for Adori Udoji who took time of to be a full time mom,but it doesn’t seem to be a permanent slot.

  4. Roland Martin is hillarious. He likes to argue with the lady that runs too. She went after him hard about a post he did on about single mothers and whether or not their babies should be christened by black churches if the fathers aren’t present. I thought he did a good job filling in for Campbell Brown but it got annoying towards the end when they introduced the panel of 4 or 5 people that would just talk and cut each other off all the time. I liked it better when he hosted the entire show by himself. I agree with Snob I would love to see Allyson Stewart with her own show on CNN or MSNBC..(she would definitely pass the paper bag brown test that they seem to have a CNN) she’s intelligent and witty and I really enjoyed it when she filled in for Olberman or Maddow on MSNBC.

  5. @dilitettante Michelle Norris is still on NPR as a co-anchor on All Things Considered. I’m sure the money would be better but it would be a big step down in terms of substance, IMHO. Farai Chadai is excellent. I miss hearing her on the radio. Wouldn’t mind if they took Michele Martin with Tell Me More. SHe is an great journalist but that show sets my teeth on edge.

  6. OMG, please give Soledad her own show. I would support a show for Ms. Ling (she was the first and best representation of the "young woman" in The View line up) as well, but I think that she has other more important things to deal with, what with her sister being convicted in that sham of a North Korean trial.

  7. That Jamal Simmons doesn’t have a show or isn’t bigger on cable-poli-news shows is a crime! The guys is head and shoulders better than just about everybody on. What’s more is that he’s got kind of a prickly personality, the kind that causes genuine on-air rumbles and translates into ratings. It’s unthinkable that he’s not absolutely huge. And no — I’m not family, have never met the guy, and have nothing to gain. It’s just crazy.

  8. Does Roland Martin Google himself, anytime a blogger gives him grief he is right on it. I don’t watch cable news but Farai Chideya will make me tune in though. Soledad yeah right, they buried her after Black in America

  9. A friend of mine saw Mario Van Peebles hustling and playing the bongo drums in New York, circa 1986, just before his career took off. So just everything’s possible. Hee, hee. CNN needs to try something completely new and different to boost its ratings.

  10. Dilettante, you should be the last person to know that. But for some reason, I believe there are others.

  11. @Lisa J,I totally co-sign with either Farai Chideya or Allison Stewart, and I totally agree with you on "Tell Me More". Why am I, a normally articulate and fairly coherent speaker and thinker, unable to verbalize what it is about this show that drives me batshit crazy? Besides the fact that it makes Michelle Martin, whom I’ve always admired, sound like a hack, and that it forces the caterwauling of Jimi Izrael to my ears. I can easily avoid his blog posts on The Root, but since I listen to a live-stream of my local NPR station all day, it’s a little more difficult to find an alternative to his mumbly-mouthed squawk (why is he always hollering?). Set yourself free, Michelle!

  12. I only watched because of Roland, and when he left, I took it off the Tivo. I enjoy Roland by himself; couldn’t stand those frigging panels of people.

  13. Lisa Ling, Soledad O’Brien or Michelle Norris. I wish someone could save Hoda from the craziness that is Kathie Lee. I’ve enjoyed Farai as the replacement on The Takeaway so she would be great as well.

  14. @PI: You don’t have to google yourself. You can just set up a google alert and it’ll let you know anytime someone mentions you. I don’t care for Campbell Brown, and haven’t watched Martin while he subbed for her.

  15. Roland showed that he’s no longer a prof. journalist but rather has bought into the TV "news" bullcrap machine. Staged drama, no analysis, all showbiz and opinion. Campbell Brown’s worse, and even she’s better than Fox News. As long as the usual pricks are owning and running these networks, we’ll get more of the same. Clowns and clownettes. irony is, that’s all an ignorant American public can seem to handle.

  16. Roland, for better or worse, was done in by the crowded panel of CNN "expert" burnouts. Does anyone who works for CNN ever go home? While I truly admire Roland’s "well publicized" devotion to his family, I REALLY can’t understand his faster-than-sound speech pattern.

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