The National Review Decides To Offend As Many Groups As Possible

Let see. We’ve got Puerto Ricans, Latinos (in general), Asians and Buddhists. They even “slanted” her eyes and bucked her teeth just in case you were too dense to figure out she’s supposed to be Asian! Get it? I’m almost offended that us Negroes didn’t get a little kick in the groin there, but as well all know Negroes, according to my Offensive Stereotypes for Dummies guide, are not wise. Perhaps if they’d gone with doodling “The Hateful Harridan,” they could have trussed her up in black face and a doo rag and given her a wooden rolling pin to shake at everyone.

But that would be CRAZY! No one wants to incur our wrath. We’ll sic Jesse n’ Al on you like two dogs on a biscuit. But Latinos and Asians aren’t really people. (This is America. Most folks only see in two colors: Black and white.) So obviously you can put up any offensive stereotype of our brown and yellow brothers and sisters and it won’t count. It’s like a two-fer stereotype loophole freebie! Only it’s not! Thanks National Review! In the words of Angry Asian Man: That’s racist!

PS. The magazine also touts a story of “Jonah Goldberg on his critics.” I didn’t know there were enough trees in all of the Pacific Northwest to print that tome.

6 thoughts on “The National Review Decides To Offend As Many Groups As Possible

  1. Wow. What the fuck. Ignorance knows no bounds. And when people start sending in protest letters, watch how long (or quickly) it takes for at least one person to say "it wasn’t intended to be racist. this was done for{(insert bullshit excuse(s) here} purpose(s). there’s no need to bring race into this." :-|*shaking head* 😐

  2. I can see where Asians would be offended by the cartoon. Since I also know there is a growing number of interracial marriages and adoptions between whites and Asians, I believe these groups are achieving the melting pot at a much faster rate than, say, blacks. Therefore, if these images are truly offensive to Asians in particular, I reserve them the right to complain. Personally, I don’t see the cartoon as really maligning any other group.

  3. @spinster. Co-sign, that was my reaction. I saw the headline and knew I’d be in for some visual foolishness but dayum, that made my eyes almost jump out of their sockets like something from an old Looney Tune’s cartoon. This is a SMH beat head on desk moment. People in this country are seriously losing their damn minds. We were crazy before but I swear too many folks are in such a tizzy over a black president that I swear the majority of the grown white folks who didn’t vote for the man are having a Regan from the "Exorcist" moment and their heads are spinning around 360. And they are trying to do a jedi-mind trick on us all and say "you will ignore the implicit racism in what we just said, wrote, or did".

  4. If i hear one more white person tell me its "political satire" im gonna lose it! GTFOH with that mess!

  5. I can’t believe I missed this one… What are they saying with this cover? Perhaps they are implying that Sotomayor’s interpretation of Constitutional law is guided by "ancient Chinese secret." They have a grown a$$ Latina with extensive legal background sitting on a darn lotus in a saffron robe. Are they for real? @ rikyrah I really don’t think they can help it because I can’t believe somebody is that dense!

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