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Sunday In France

More pictures of the Obamas enjoying Paris before leaving later this Sunday. The First Family visited the Pompido Art Museum while Michelle, Sasha and Malia went shopping at Bonpoint.

Both European and American press have exhaustively covered every ounce of their trip, from examining gossipy potential snubs and slights to where they went on a date, what sites they visited and how two White House aides actually got engaged during the trip.

More story and pictures after the jump.

Despite all the hoopla, it seems the trip will be cut a tad too short for the president’s tastes as he reveled to the press that “lurves” him some France.

“I would love nothing more than to have a leisurely week in Paris, stroll down the Seine, take my wife out to a nice meal, have a picnic in Luxembourg Gardens.”

He laughed, almost losing himself in the idea of it all, before adding: “Those days are over — for the moment.”

But as he ruminated on the question, his mind wandered forward to the future pleasures of civilian life.

“At some point, I will be the ex-president,” Mr. Obama said wistfully, “and then you will find me in France, I’m sure, quite a bit, having fun.”

Yeah. No private time for the prez or his fam any time soon. While they all look like they had a good time the girls and the Secret Service detail look amazingly not thrilled at the throng of press and people crowded outside of Bonpoint to get a gander at them. One agent with Malia looks like he’s giving all of Europe the side-eye.


8 thoughts on “Sunday In France

  1. dukedraven says:

    Here’s my prediction. Malia will become the doctor/researcher and Sasha will grow up to be the lawyer/politician.

  2. Born in the USA says:

    I swear Michelle Obama is living my life. LOL! Thats all right ghyrl. I am glad its a brown sista living the dream.

  3. marci says:

    yay europe.. paris is beautiful even in the rain… the obamas would be most welcome…yes that security guard’s look says it all… classic!

  4. Lisa J says:

    Amazing. Thanks for putting this up, I usually go on news blackout on the weekend for my sanity’s sake so this is my first time seeing this. Oh and I agree with the Prez, that boyfriend pulled a smooth move by flying all the way to Paris to propose to his White House girlfriend. He gets points and props for years and you know all his guy friends and her friend’s and female co-worker’s boyfriends are going to be mad at him for making them look bad by default 🙂

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