She’s A Doll

And for $149 she can be yours! Which is INSANE, but I’m sure someone will buy it.

But where’s my porcelain President to go with her? Who will I have her practice kissing with? My 10,000 year old Michael Jackson doll with the broken hip socket? My old MC Hammer doll who is amazingly still in “mint” condition because I never played with it? My prehistoric Malibu Ken with the chewed off foot? Who, Danbury Mint? Who?


10 thoughts on “She’s A Doll

  1. What?! no Master P doll?… you could have them kiss.. them pull Master P’s string so he says Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh*sorry*.. the MC Hammer doll kinda took me over the edge there..

  2. Daisy Kingston says:

    That’s a beautiful doll. Definitely would have to place her on the top shelf, away from the kiddies.

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