Hey, There’s An Ad On Those Photos!

Hello all. Snob here. Since I’ve been trying to go legit with my habitual photo snagging I’ve signed up for an ad sponsored photo service through GumGum, hence all the ads on the photos. On the one hand, I get great photos for free. On the other … there are ads at the bottom of the photos. We’ll try it out. See how it works. There are also text link ads now, which I’m also trying out. (They’re in green.) As many of you know The Snob, despite her best efforts, is not independently wealthy (yet) and this blog has mostly been a labor of love. Outside of donations, advertising revenue is the only way I get any money out of my ruminations. You know? Until I figure something out to keep this thing going for the long term.

Thank you for your time and continued support!

The Snob

One thought on “Hey, There’s An Ad On Those Photos!

  1. I hardly notice the ads. My mind subconsciously them blocks out. Hee, hee. I wish you well on your donation efforts, Danielle. I’m sure you have some deep-pockets around here. I hear ya bragging, people, now pay up! Hee, hee.

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